Friday, 11 November 2011

YSL Faux Cils Wow!!!

I'm a complete mascara junkie...I'm not ashamed to admit! It's an addiction and quite frankly I don't want to cure it. Now before I completely go off on one about how absolutely amazing this mascara is...I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Before - eye make up applied (no mascara)

After using 3 coats of YSL faux Cils.


Wow wow wow! Just incase your wondering about the lighting being different in the first picture...that's a standard picture I use of my eye with no mascara as I do a few of these reviews.
Seriously this mascara is amazing!!!! 2-3 coats and I have long gorgeous black false looking lashes. There's no clumping it's perfect. This beauty was £24.50 and worth every penny. I'm usually a complete lancome girl and have been for years but no way I'm sticking with YSL now! The colour I bought this in is called 'Noir Radical'. This shade is blacker than black and it really is. A few people have said this dries up fairly quickly but I've only had it 4 days so can't comment on that I'm afraid. If it does however I will let you know. So so happy I have found this mascara I am even prepared to throw all my others away...Erm ok maybe not LancĂ´me doll eyes but all the others:) If you need a new mascara then I highly recommend giving this a go.

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