Friday, 28 February 2014

The perfect nude? Loreal Cheryl Collection Privee.

Hey ladies, we are all searching for the perfect nude lipstick and probably have been for many years. I have a drawer full of proof! I've tried many from lots of brands ranging from high end to drugstore and i think I might have found the perfect one.

This is the Loreal Color Riche lipstick from the Collection Privee by Cheryl. This collection has different nudes I believe designed/picked by the Loreal girls including Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto and the list goes on.

What I love about this nude in particular is that it veers on the pink side of nude so looks nude but doesn't make you look ill. It has a beautiful creamy texture that moisturises the lips so I never feel the need for lipbalm with this. It gives a good coverage too.

I've been wearing this for most of the month now so it's a firm favourite for me. It retails for around £8.99 so definitely look out for it next time your at a loreal stand.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Gosh Flower Power Blusher Review

Hey my lovelies I'm bringing you a beautiful affordable blush this weekend. This hasn't left my make up bag in the whole week I've had it, it's firmly got it's feet under the table.

This is called Flower Power and is by Gosh cosmetics available at Superdrug. It is soft, buttery and so blendable! All for £6.99.


As you can see it's pretty bright but don't let that put you off, I apply it with my Real Techniques blush brush and pat it on really lightly. I can't really compare it to any other blush I own as it's the only one this bright and soft feeling. Definitely a big thumbs up from me. I'm recommending this 100%!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Range Review

Hi my lovelies it's show and tell time! Charlotte Tilbury released her range of cosmetics last year and it has absolutely taken the beauty blogger world by storm. I know we talk about it, Instagram our hauls etc but I've not really heard the normal girl who shops in drugstores or department stores for high end beauty talk about it. That's most likely because your not aware of it. Charlotte Tilbury is a make up artist and has created a range that is basically fool proof. There's different looks, you click on the look you want and there's a list of products she used accompanied by a video on how to use them. She has made this easy for us basically, held no secrets back just laid it bare so we can achieve those flawless looks at home. I received my bits for my birthday and were ordered online from her website, no searching involved just read some blog posts and watched videos. So on to what I got.

Dolce Vita Palette.

Each of these shadows is absolutely stunning, they are very pigmented and blend so easily. The brown glittery colour goes on surprisingly easily, minimal fall out and easily steals the show.

Secondly I got the blush in "Love Glow" which is just a beautiful fresh favourite kind. Very pigmented and goes on beautifully.

Since I've had these 2 products I'm totally wanting to try more products. I have my eye on the miracle cream and the sculpt brush.

Hope you are all well x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Daniel Sandler Slim & Sculpt Review.

There's a new contour product that's in my make up bag and it's not escaping anywhere anytime soon ladies! I had been using the Hula by a Benefit as my contour colour for well over a year and seriously fancied a change. So off to Twitter I went and was recommended Slim & Sculpt by Daniel Sandler, I read some great reviews and the man himself tweeted me which I thought was just so so lovely....what a gent!

Here is the product itself, the S has started fading as I've been using this daily for about a month which is long enough for me to say I LOVE IT.

This product applies like a dream, the powder is soft and so easy to apply. It blends beautifully and is the perfect colour for contouring. It's warm without being orange, it's got a slight ashiness when applied so it looks like a real shadow but isn't grey looking. I just literally can't sing it's praises enough.


The highlight is perfect for a day to day basis, I use this for work. If I'm going out or it's evening I like to use something like Laura Mercier 'Spellbound'.

I apply the contour colour using my Real Techniques contour brush and the highlighter using my Real Techniques blusher brush. If your are looking for a new contour product or even your first to get you started then look no further.
Hope you are well.x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Minuscule Mac Lipstick Collection

Hi my lovelies, today's post is showing you my teeny tiny mac lipstick collection. Most bloggers have lots of these in their collection but I just don't, if I'm honest they aren't my favourite lipsticks *Gasp*! I think there's other brands out there just producing much better products. My favourites tend to be YSL, Bobbi Brown and Dior. I know mac are around half of their price though.

Anyway all that said over the years I have picked up a few lipsticks in their different finishes so I thought I would show you them.

Left to Right.
Please Me (Matte)
Chatter Box (Amplified)
Speed Dial (Cremesheen)
Angel (Frost)

My favourite at the moment and newest addition is Angel.

What are your favourite mac colours?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Is it spring yet?

Hey ladies....while I'm fully aware it's still Winter I'm ready for some sunshine. It's all rain rain rain these days.
So I'm bringing Spring to me:) I treated myself to a little body set from The Body Shop in the fragrance Mango. I'm loving fruity smells at the moment so can't wait to use it, i bought the miniatures so I can get through them quickly and move on to another scent.

This set for £12 contains a body butter, body scrub, shower gel and loofah. It comes with a clear mesh bag which I love for when I'm travelling.

Another little spring buy had to be this super cute rainbow phone case from a brand called Uncommon.

I've been loving all the spring lines that have come out recently, most notably the Bobbi Brown Pinks and YSL. However nothing has taken my fancy too much as I have resisted all so far.

I was in Superdrug at the weekend and saw this Gosh blusher in 'Flower Power'. I have never tried anything from this brand before but remember Tati from Glamlifeguru totally loving it.

Lastly a mac lipstick, I have a total love hate relationship with these if I'm honest but more of that in a future post. I picked up the colour Angel.

Hope you are all well x

Friday, 14 February 2014

A slightly different post! Can you be happy for 100 days?

Hi my lovelies! Today's post is not beauty related....well not in the cosmetic form just more with the beauty in life.
I was sent a link to this website by a friend and it's
Basically it is like a challenge to take a picture of something that has made you happy that day. It can be anything small or big so your favourite coffee or it could be your birthday. The point of the challenge is to appreciate the little things in life. It's nothing to do with trying to impress other people...this challenge is just for you.
I'm going to be using Instagram as my social media outlet for this with the #100happydays
Join me!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Hair Curler Babyliss Conical Wand

Hey girlies! I've been curling my hair lots lately in the daytime, usually I kept it for a night time look but wanted to mix things up a little. Anyway my curling wand broke! Boohoo! So I treated myself to a Babyliss conical wand. I chose the one with a thicker barrel as it's a daytime look I want, I have a thinner barrel for night time and the Babyliss Pro Curl.

Ok 15 mins later...loose wavy curls. I can't wait to do these in the summer for a beachey look.

My hair is straight at the top and just falls into loose curls.

Hope you are all well x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back on schedule.

Ahh I've been so good all January sticking to my blogging schedule and I didn't post on Friday.
My main reason is due to illness. I've had major wisdom tooth pain and it's been pretty awful all week. So I've literally gone to work and collapsed every evening into bed.

A few of the things that have got me through.

My skin and lips have been dull and dry so these products have been great at combatting that.

I've read lots on my kindle in bed and went back to my desperate housewives box set.
I'm feeling much better now so blogging will reccomence.

Hope your all well x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sephora shower pods.

Super quick post ladies for the cutest little products. Recently I got a Sephora Eyeshadow Palette for my birthday and these mini shower pods thrown in the bag. Everytime I'm in sephora I want to buy shower gels but never know which! So these are so cute and a lovely way to try them out. I have used them and there is plenty in there for one shower, they are creamy, soften the skin and lather up nicely. So ladies all in all if your in Sephora and get the chance to buy some shower gels....then DO!

Hope your all well x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Favourites!

Hey my lovelies! It feels like forever since ive done this and it's only been a month. This one has been so much fun but pretty long too.
Here's what I've been loving this month.

I'm not going to go into great detail as these most definitely deserve an in depth review of their own.

Starting at the top clockwise.
1. Sephora Shower Creme Pods.
2. Daniel Sandler Slim & Sculpt.
3. Loreal Illuminating Powder.
4. Stila Positively Pink Blusher.
5. Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita.
6. Charlotte Tilbury Love Glow Blush.

My favourite quotes this month.

Hope you are all been well x