Monday, 7 November 2011

Secret Santa special part 1!

Right so firstly some of you reading this are thinking...huh? And others...too early? Let me explain...Christmas is coming up and not too far away (as much as we all pretend it is). Lots of work places do 'secret santa' and its always the same old "omg what shall I get for her...I've no idea what she likes"! So here im going to have a look at a few stores gift choices and pick my favourite reasonably priced goodies and surely...I mean surely Sue, Joan or any other girly will love something from here. I think the key thing with secret Santa is it doesn't always need to be practical that somebody will "use" it can be something gorgeous that they might not have on the top of their need list but want and love all the same. Please......enough with the dove bath sets and body shop! I know i would want something cute, fun and a little out of the ordinary. The following products are a range of prices and perfect to buy alone or group a few little things together.

Cute love heart hot water bottle cover £8.

Models own nail collection £10

Stamp set (for those Facebook fiends) £9.99

Juice Lucy friendship messages £3

Rose lip balm £4

Fashion book £12.95

Love heart and egg cup cosies £8

This above selection is all from River Island, I love them all and i think these items make great gifts. Happy Christmas shopping all!

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