Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well doesn't this look like a grotty picture! It's not often I ever finish product and never usually post a picture of them in this state. However I saw a recent post by another beauty blogger about products hitting pan! And it really does say more about a product if you have bothered to use it to the end!
So above we have:-

No7 pressed powder - candlelight. I have been through many of these over the past few years!

Nars blush - Orgasm, a firm favourite will always repurchase! This is my second one in 2 years.

Avon Advance Techniques - Shine spray and hair serum. Both second bottles.

Make up box lip gloss - zol (future review coming up)

LancĂ´me doll eyes - love the brush shape but YSL Faux Cils has won my heart now!

Palmers cocoa butter - my millionth bottle, I keep this one in my make up bag hence the state of it. This is my daily morning moisturiser.

Lancome eyeshadow - the colour and number have worn off but I got this as part of a 23rd present! 3 years later still using and still some left so has definitely stood the testament of time.

Moroccan hair oil - this small bottle has lasted literally 4 months so no qualms about longevity and will be repurchasing 100%. (Future review).

I actually like the feeling of finishing a product, as I have so many it's not often it happens but it's when you know you love a product and have got your true moneys worth! When products get near the end I stack them in a box near my mirror so I'm almost forced to use...finish...and bin....then buy more!x


  1. I love the feeling of finishing a product, it really gives you that satisfaction of knowing it was money well spent! xx

  2. I know! Plus makes space for more. Off make up shopping in a min! Excited!!!x

  3. I LOVE Moroccan oil. I use it all the time and you are right, it lasts forever!! Good post I like...:-)