Sunday, 30 June 2013

Spending Ban July

Hi guys!!

Today is the first official day of my beauty spending ban. I have accumulated lots and lots of products many of which are sat unloved so it's time to have a bit of a reshuffle and rediscover old beauties.

Ill keep you all updated with a few reviews along the way and what I'm loving all over again:)

Just a quick other little gem of info....this month I'm treating myself hopefully to a new prada tote so this is a perfect way to save some pennies.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bedtime Beauties.

Hi guys! Hope your all having a lovely weekend. Mine has been super busy so far but I've just sat down in my pyjamas ready to watch tv and thought it was time to write a new post.

My night time routine has got a lot longer and includes a lot more products than my easy days of make up wipes and cocoa butter.
Once I started blogging i learnt so much about the importance of nighttime skin care and now feel its time to share it all with you :)

So the longest amount of time I don't wear make up is of course bedtime. This is the time my skin has to breathe and replenish all the lost moisture.

Step 1. Cleanse.

Bioderma a huge cult product. A cleansing water that has recently become more easily available in the UK. I love this so so much and a 500ml bottle lasts me ages.

Loreal recently launched Micellar solution which is the the same thing but much cheaper and even more easily available. I bought this bottle for about £4 at Boots.

Step 2. Tone.

I haven't used a toner for about 10 years and to be honest I didn't think they did anything. I was in John Lewis and found this Liz Earle one and I love it!

Step 3. Brighten those peepers.

Just soaking a cotton pad in Eye lotion and placing them on my eyes feels so so relaxing.

Step 4.

This step changes depending on my mood!

If my skin needs nourishing, is a bit dry or I feel my fine likes need their ass kicking I use my YSL Youth Liberator.

Occasionally my under eye area gets a bit dry and flaky. This was recommended to me by Holly from Yummy mummy beauty blog and I love this product!

I use this quite often to give my skin a big fat glowy boost or if my skin is slightly blemished. Everything is clear and perfect by morning.

Occasionally i just use a simple moisturiser and this Dr Lewins Radiance Booster is lovely.

A new purchase I used last night for the first time is this Alpha Liquid Gold. I love this so much!!! I will continue using this for a week and then review it fully.

Ok guys that was a long post. If there's anything in particular you would like a review of then let me know.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

This weekends mini haul.

Hi guys! Hope you have all had an amazing weekend. I've got a few bits to share with you.
Ok this isn't a small purchase. In fact it's quite big and expensive! I finally gave in and ordered the Babyliss Pro Curl for £170 from HQ Hair.

I have used this and have photos but I will write a full review later in the week.

A jar from TK Maxx to keep cotton wool and buds in on my dressing table. I smashed my beautiful white vintage style jar the other day. This was £3.99.

A little treat for my bedroom.

A Calvin Klein candle £12.99 in the scent 'Leaf'.

My Bioderma has almost ran out so I thought it was about time I tried the Loreal Micellar Solution instead as its so much cheaper and accessible. This was from Boots on offer at about £3.50.

Hope you guys are well:) x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Hi guys!
Last weekend I posted about the new Bobbi Brown blush I bought. Ok they call it an illuminating bronzing's not bronze however the other shades in this range were. The size is very much a bronzing powder size and for £18 you get a lot of product!

I know this looks ridiculously bright in the pan but don't be afraid. The colour is 'Maui' it is just the most beautiful pink shimmery summer colour ever. I love it so much that I've been wearing it every single day and it stays on immaculately a whole 12 hours. If you buy one product this summer make sure it is this!
Photos with me wearing it.
Family dinner.

Fathers Day Lunch.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My weekend so far....

Hi guys!
Sorry I've not posted in a while I've been super busy and the products ive bought lately i havent felt the need to rave about yet.

This weekend so far i have bought my weekly flowers to brighten up my window:)

My one and only beauty purchase this weekend! I went into Mac and didnt like anything, im sure many of you are gasping in disbelief but whenever i go in there im not wowed by any one thing in particular. I think its because there is just so many colours of literally everything, also their limited edition collections are nice but really annoying as they sell out of things so quickly.
I personally prefer Space NK or John Lewis beauty counters where i can browse hassle free and quietly.
My local John Lewis has just got in a new Bobbi Brown stand i mean brand new! So everything was untouched and pretty...i of course had to then swatch things and have a good look:)

This beautiful bright pink illuminating bronzing powder stood out to me immediately. It is very soft and incredibly pigmented so trust me when i say a little goes a long way! It has beautiful gold shimmer running through it too so im hoping this will be my summer blush:)

I will wear this soon and take photos and review it so you guys can see what its like in action.
Have a great weekend all :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Flawless skin products.

Hi ladies:)
For me the most important part of my make up routine is the base. A flawless base just gives you the perfect start and your look can become pretty much anything you want from there on.
So on to my perfect skin make up items.
First step prime my skin. I've tried many primers and this one is by far the best. It is the most expensive at around £45 but well worth the money. It gives me a beautiful luminous finish and really does make my make up last longer.

Guerlain Meteorite Perles.

The 2 foundations I use.
LancĂ´me Teint Idole Ultra 24 and Teint Miracle.

The Idole gives heavier coverage and is much thicker.
The Miracle is very thin and luminous. I mix them both as to be honest this is just the way it works best for me, they both have qualities I like so mixed together is perfect. I use the shade Beige Daphne which is number 3.

To set my make up I use Bare Minerals Illuminating Mineral Veil.

And that's pretty much me set:) At this point I do my eyes, contour, blush, highlight then lips.
I will be doing a separate post on concealer soon as I've bought quite a few recently.
Hope your all well x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair miracle worker!

Hi my lovelies! I need to tell you about a product I bought on holiday which has literally transformed my hair. I found it in a shop that sold salon sized hair products, to be honest I don't think if I'd been in England this would have caught my attention at all it was just that I was on holiday and the heat was killing my hair. I was in desperate need of something to help restore it and this seemed like it might just do the trick. One thing that worries me about any product for my hair is that awful weightiness products can leave where your hair feels greasy. This was 20 euros so not cheap and a total gamble. However it was promising me healthier shinier hair pretty much immediately so i gave it a go. I am so so glad that I did! I absolutely love this. My hair feels stronger, shinier and fuller. If you can buy this from anywhere and have damaged hair them get hold of it pronto. I spray this through my hair when it's wet and then just blow dry and style as usual. There's no horrible greasy feeling left or anything. My hair is damaged through a combination of factors being colour, heat styling tools and the sun so I'm always on the lookout for products to make my hair look better especially as it is so long.