Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Glossybox

Today was a special day...ok no it wasn' was just an ordinary Monday until my January Glossybox arrived and gave me some excitement:) Also dubbed the "Valentines Box" hence the cute hot pink packaging.
Must say im liking the effort GlossyBox make with their packaging, red for for valentines:)

So i carefully unwrapped it as always (Im never sure why but i always do it so carefully) and this time i havent seen any spoiler reviews so all of it was a complete surprise. Anddd surprise indeed...! 2 Clarins products yeyyyy:)
Right so complete list from left to right.

MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting primer - dewy finish (my favourite kind i must add)

Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream

Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream

FAB Body Moisturiser

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - Plum

I have to say Glossybox have delivered a fab box once again, i cant wait to try all of the products and they are all from brands that i have heard of. I have to say since the arrival of beauty boxes in my life i haven't needed to buy any night creams in a while!
Im pretty happy to try out primers as im still searching for the perfect one so fingers crossed.

This next bit are for those amongst you umming and aahing about whether a beauty box is worth it. Well for £12.95 yes it can be hit and miss however the last few boxes i have received have all been great. Novembers Glossybox was a shocker and i think they massively took on board peoples comments and upped their game especially with newer boxes like Carmine hot on their heels.
The maths bit....(ive worked out what each product is worth taking in to account some are deluxe sample sizes)

Total box worth is £45.63.
So are you getting your moneys worth....yes!!!x

Monday, 30 January 2012

Shiny Disco Balls

Glitters back, nail arts back....I feel 18 all over again. Found these mooching around boots and felt the old days bursting back into life:)

I've used both these glittery polishes on top of a coral-red for my pedicure. Super pleased with results:)
Anybody else loving glitter and nail art?xx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Sunday thought...

I found this picture online and had to share it with you all..

It makes sense....x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bourjois Vintage Collection

Ive had these cute vintage style Bourjois shadows in my drawer for a while so thought it was time to dust them off and put them to good use! I love the packaging with cute stickers on top.

The colours as you can see are all simple and neutral so basically my favourite kind!


The colours are all smooth and easy to work with, not crazily pigmented but still fresh and pretty. These are all perfect for daytime wear at work or summer days.x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Loreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

Tadaaaa! The new Loreal Mascara endorsed by the gorgeous Cheryl Cole. As soon as I heard this of course I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me to my nearest boots and bought it:)
Ok that was a lie...I drove.

Does anything this girl touches not turn to gold?! Look if it's good enough for Chezza im prepared to give it a whirl.

Yes that's right ladies I'll toss aside that YSL Faux Cils (sniff sniff) to give this beauty a chance.
I'll be sure to review super soon. I can't promise I'll look like this while applying but I'll sure try:)
(cute how she applies with her mouth open...we all do!...see she's normal too)

Have a fab weekend ladies x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Powder Booster for Hair!

This little bottle of promised heaven was mentioned in a beauty haul ages ago! So thought it was about time I reviewed it:)

So it's like a talcum powder you put in your roots and basically it's back combing in a bottle!!

Does it do what it says?...yes. It definitely volumised roots and is great for big messy hair. It does have a matte finish so it's not a big thick glossy locks look. I have to say I didn't like the way this felt in my hair it was slightly tacky. I prefer using good ol fashioned batiste in my roots to give me that extra volume.
I'd say it's a preference thing, this works but would definitely need washing out of your hair after a night out. It's £11.50 a bottle and would last you forever. Do I use this However if I had an up do that needed extreme backcombing I would then use and reccomend this for sure x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bargain bag!

Ok so this isn't beauty related! However occasionally I'll do the odd fashion post too:) I have to admit I'm a bit of a handbag diva but still enjoy admiring high street beauties and my friend bought this bag the other day. I couldn't believe how pretty it was and expensive looking...

This beauty was....drumroll please....£8 from Primark. It's super soft to touch yet has shape to it if that makes sense. Perfect for work or college. Anybody else got any great high street finds?x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bourjois Sparkles!

I bought this pretty little shadow with a cute wash colour in mind....

Its a super pretty sparkley peachy colour...


Gorgeous! Very fresh and sparkley something thats definitely in my make up bag ready for summer, i would use this as a wash colour or maybe apply it over another to give it something a little extra...x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Verdict is out!

I've been using this cream all week at night and its verdict time! I love it, its thick, creamy yet sinks straight into my skin. It gives me beautiful fresh soft skin in the morning and not a dry patch in sight. This cream was a deluxe sample in a beauty box and I've still got lots left so will definitely finish it off, however the full size is £69 so will i repurchase? Possibly is fabulous but not £69 worth:) Verdict...thumbs up on the product but thumbs down on price.x

Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Favourite!

Im a huge handbag lover and clutches arent too far behind. I spend a lot on my bags and love my mulberry collection however with clutches i can never seem to part with that sort of cash. I wouldnt use them often enough and knowing my luck someone would spill something on it! Anyway i saw this beautiful clutch on River Island online and its only £28, i think it looks way more expensive than that and also im loving the whole neutral colour thing as i think it can be used with pretty much any outfit. I do like things to match sometimes but i dont think the whole matchy matchy look is great. This is definitely a less is more chic piece that i will be adding to my wish list. Happy Friday!x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nars Eyeshadow

I love seeing that gorgeous black rubber packaging! NARS easily one of my favourite brands. I normally go for their blushers but this time i was in New York in Sephora and spotted this beauty.

Gorgeous brown with gold glitter.

Its a very very neutral brown that almost is barely visible on the skin so can be used as a wash colour or very light crease work. This was about £12 after converting from dollars i think and worth every penny as I've had it ages and not even made a dent in it.x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A good craftsman never blames his tools...

Ok Ok so maybe the title is going a little far but to all us beauty junkies applying make up is our craft and id say the right tools are key to helping us achieve that perfect look. I store my brushes in this vintage style cath kidston china mug. I keep it near my mirror so they are all there super handy in the morning when im always in a rush! These are all my favourite brushes and certainly most frequently used. I have many more stored away in a drawer.

I don't buy crazy expensive brushes like many people do, i think theres some great cheaper alternatives out there and the shape is the most important thing...not the brand thats plastered all over it. These two brushes :- big fat one i use as an all over face blusher/bronzer brush. The smaller brush i use for more precise blusher application.

My eye brushes, (top to bottom) brow brush for getting that foundation out my eyebrows!, big flat brush used for all over wash eyeshadow application, the 2 slanted brushes i use for lower lash line work and the bottom one as a more precise eyeshadow colour brush with either powder or cream shadows.

These two I've literally had for about 6 years both by Ruby and Millie, i got them in a gift set years ago. The top brush is my favourite eyeshadow brush for both lid application and blending. I use the smaller slanted one to line the inner corners of my eyes with a very light cream colour for that wide fresh eyed look.

Anybody else have any brushes they cant live without?x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Estée Lauder Goodies

I got this beautiful Estee Lauder gift set for christmas off a good friend who clearly knows me very well! Estee Lauder is a brand that yes im aware of but never actually tried any products.... so i was super excited to receive this and give it a go! This has a double ended mascara with a primer one end and then double ended lipgloss. Ill be reviewing this product very soon so look out for it and as you all know im a complete mascara junkie so could this be the 'one'?! x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Must try Monday!

I'm back with this post as I'm getting a huge build up of products that aren't getting used or reviewed. So this weeks is this cream which was in one of my beauty boxes (I actually can't remember which now)

It's classed as a deluxe sample size but I have to say its pretty big. I think it will easily last me a few weeks. I read somewhere the full size product is £69! Wowzers...that's a lot! It better be good. Anyway what better time to start using a fancy pants anti ageing cream than after my 27th birthday. My celebrations are now complete and now I'm ready to get back to the normal world again:) Happy Monday all x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

My carry around make up bag!

A picture to show you my daytime essentials.

I got a pretty new cath kidston make up bag for my birthday and these are the things I can't live without and are constantly in my handbag! Just so you know I'm majorly loving cath kidston at present:) Very similar contents to before only additions are ysl touché éclat in number 3, born lippy balm from the body shop and Nars lipstick 'Roman Holiday'. I like to keep enough things to touch up my make up throughout the day and transform to an evening look if needed. Wish mini mac fix + sprays existed!!! Anyone else got anything they can't live without??x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Daytime Doll Look with Lipsy palette

Just wanted to share a quick daytime doll look with you using my new palette.

This is from my daytime birthday lunch with family. I opted for a simple clean fresh look.

Hope your all having a fab weekend!x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Favourites!

Im quite the magpie at the moment, im hunting out all gold shiny things to buy:) Im going through a bit of a 'gold jewellery' phase at the moment and here are some of my finds online. To be honest i thought id be about 93 before i ever looked a gold stuff but clearly i was wrong.... This handmade jewellery is made by Farah and is available on her website. The 2 pieces i fell in love with immediately and have ordered are La Perla Bracelet

This is made using genuine mother of pearl square beads and using small cable 16k gold plated chains over brass. And best of all tarnish resistant! price £14. La Corde

This is also made with 16k gold plated over brass chain. The crystal used is also genuine Swarovski Cosmic Crystal. Price £15. So ladies if you love good quality and fairly priced jewels id head over to that sight pronto....happy friday.x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Perfume Gift Sets!

Some more of my gorgeous birthday presents, i mentioned i got some perfume gift sets and here they are... I have had all of these before so i was super pleased to receive them as i love all of them! Versace Bright Crystal...this to me is Spring in a bottle, its so clean, fresh and pretty smelling (if that makes sense). Whenever i wear this i always get lots of lovely compliments.

Hugo Boss Orange. Any of my regular blog readers know my love for this perfume. Its a lovely warm, comforting smell. Its one of those that lasts on your clothes and scarfs and you love catching the smell of it on them.

Lacoste Touch of Pink is the ultimate sweetie smelling perfume for any girlie girl. I used to wear this when i was at uni so about 7 years ago and it literally takes me back to my younger for me....nostalgia in a bottle.

I was very lucky to receive all these so a big thankyou:) I will be good this time too and use the creams up, im pretty good at putting them in a box somewhere and just forgetting about them. I have to say i know that many people just wear one perfume as their signature scent which i think is great but i like a bit of variation....with perfume make up and everything else:)x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bourjois Smokey Eyes

I found this unused little palette lurking in my make up drawer feeling incredibly unloved.

Im sorry theres a huge reason for this...i don't like it. At first glance i love the look of the colours, they look smooth and wearable...but!!...they arent very good. Sorry Bourjois;( They aren't highly pigmented, had to rub for ages to get any colour pay off to swatch and basically not worth buying. So for anyone mooching around make up stands in your local chemist, these beauties might look cute but its all superficial:)

Swatched. (Two of the colours are barely visible).

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birthday Haul!

It was my birthday yesterday and im home from a lovely day and evening and felt the need to truly thank all the amazing people i have in my life...thankyou to each and every one of Heres a few photos to share with you guys...

The gorgeous homemade cake made for me by my sister!!

My amazing friends know me so well....a collection of the pretty little things!

For the pampered princess i am! I love this brand and cant wait to use it!

A kindle, i love reading and my room is full of books. This is now going to be a huge space saver and weight saver in my luggage for holidays:) I also got some gorgeous perfume gift sets and a new handbag! Im truly a lucky girl so thankyou to everyone who made it special x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hair care routine!

I've mentioned a few shampoos along the way in my blog and moroccan oil but never really detailed my haircare know the bit...from dripping wet hair out the shower to the glossy mane you step out here secret weapons..

I towel dry my hair and brush through with the tangle teezer. Put some moroccan oil on the ends and a little through my hair. Spray through TRESemme straightening spray (promising me salon sleek hair)...boy this works! Its under £5 and lasts forever and smells gorgeous, one thing i must add is that this does not flatten hair! i hate the too poker straight flat look, im more about big straight hair so this works with that look.

Time to shine a la Jeniffer Aniston! Boy she must get through bottles of this stuff with her gorgeous swishy hair. (No people its not natural...i bet she has touch up sprays every 5 minutes on set). I give this a quick spritz in the air and walk through it, its a lovely smelling product and gives hair a lovely gloss without weighing it down.

Rightio thats me done.... If anyone else has any great haircare products then let me know please:) Im always looking at and buying make up so don't want my mane to suffer!x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Beauty Bargain! - Lipsy Palette

Going in to Boots for just 'One Thing' never quite happens does it ladies? Well not for me anyway. As soon as i walked in im greeted by the christmas sales aisle and all the pretty shiny HALF PRICE make up:) I was determined to resist...but as you can see...i couldnt. This palette was down from £8 to £4. Lipsy is known as a fashion brand so i wasnt too sure how their make up would turn out to be but at £4 (using my advantage card points so lets be honest thats basically free) i wasnt too concerned.

Opening the pallette won me over (although everyone needs a little animal print in their life). A small selection of neutrals/ favourite! Theres also 2 lip glosses at the bottom which are pretty enough in shade but my pet hate is to put sticky glosses near powder products as it ends up in a sticky gloopy mess.

Closer view of the colours. Im thinking i might put this beauty in my handbag as its tiny enough and is versatile enough to transform that daytime look to night.

All the colours have a shimmer as you can see. Very pigmented and a huge reminder of an Urban Decay Palette without the hefty price tag. Ok so it! If you live near a Boots id get down there and get my hands on this for £4! Worth every penny and nothing in there thats impossible to use. Swatched.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Neom Organic Body Lotion

I received this luxury body lotion in Novembers Carmine Box. Ive been using it literally every day since. Its got a very strong herbal smell with strong notes of lavender which is something i love. Its fairly thin in texture however does moisturise well. I may repurchase this when im out of all other body lotions but i must say thats going to be a fair while yet:)x