Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bobbi Brown Haul!

So anybody on twitter or a regular blog reader of mine may have picked up on my slight/crazy Bobbi Brown obsession. I have spent a few evenings looking at the website making a note of all the amazing things I want! Referring back to my wish list....

The warm palette - not for me too many eyeshadow colours with pink undertones that don't seem to suit me.

This eye paint palette, well a few fellow beauty bloggers had been dissapointed with it. It doesn't stay on and flecks fall on to your face. Also not overly that case not for moi! (thankyou to people that let me know...stopped me wasting my mullah).

Cream shadows I purchased the 2 below! (they look a bit messy already sorry).
Left - metallic long wear cream shadow - Goldstone.
Right - long wear cream shadow - Sandy Gold.

I wanted one wash colour that could be used daily to give my eye a slightly fresh brighter look. This one pictured is the sandy gold. Its a cream colour with a slight gold shimmer to it.

I've used the cream shadow all over, MUA gold from the heaven and earth pallette on my lids, Soap&Glory eyeliner in carbon black, YSL Faux Cils and lined inner lash lines with kajal.

Again under lamp light (the cream shadow looks lighter now)

What I like is that it's subtle and my skin colour doesn't peep through after a few hours.

The second super sparkley one is for the festive girl in me! It also has a fab wet look that I love.

Swatches of both!

Left - Goldstone
Right - Antique Gold

I use a brush to apply to lid then blend using my finger. Partly because the pots are so tiny and with my gel nails its impossible to get anything out...the type of brush I use :-


  1. What brush is that? I really like to application on your eyelids! Those colours look delish. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. Love Bobbi Brown cream shadows - I think they're so much better than the powder shadows :)
    Great haul! xo

  3. @lauren it was part of a set I got from eBay...claiming to be mac! Clearly not but for £20 there was 18 brushes and are amazing quality. xxx

    @celeste thankyou im loving cream too now xxx