Saturday, 29 March 2014

Paul & Joe Lipstick Review

Time to fill in you in on an old lipstick love. I don't hear too many people talk about Paul & Joe beauty products online but they really are fantastic and don't get enough hype. I totally fell in love with the line a few years ago when I used their primer very similar to the Guerlain meteorites one. Their packaging is all in a beautiful vintage style and looks so pretty on any dressing table. Anyway when I'm feeling a bright lip, or brightening up any nude shade I constantly find myself reaching for this. The formula is just amazing, it's creamy but not thick, it gives great coverage and just feels like the perfect spring colour!


The shade is number 26.
I bought this from a small boutique in Leicester and that's the only place if I'm honest I've actually seen them but they are all available online. Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Too Faced Candy Glow Blusher Review

Hi my lovelies! A very boring title for a very exciting product for all those google searches. I'm about to make a bold claim it comes "This is my favourite blusher ever"! I am most definitely a blusher kinda gal....if I was on a desert island and could have 3 items...well one would totally be blusher.

Right let's get on to the matter in hand. How cute is this packaging! This is all part of the new Too Faced Candy range. Everything looks like a little box of chocolates and the eye palette looks like a bar of chocolate. Now if that wasn't enough to tempt you in let's open this badboy.

We have 3 strips of beautiful pink and peach hues. I swirl my Real Techniques blusher brush in this and apply it. It's fairly sheer so I apply it pretty heavy handedly for a good colour payoff and I absolutely love it! There's no need for a highlighter on top as the colour Candy Glow suggests it gives you a glowy finish. This costs £24 which I'm not going to lie I did shudder a little bit at paying but I am absolutely in love with it so it's worth every penny. This won't be leaving my make up bag....ever!!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel

Hi my lovelies, I'm jumping right on that blogger bandwagon with my review of This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel. Every blogger and their dog uses a product from this range....are we all troubled sleepers?! I'm generally a really good sleeper but as I shower at night I like to use something that will help me unwind a little more, maybe that makes a shower a bit more relaxing. I got this as part of my christmas present so I've been using it for well over a month now. It has a deep lavender smell in (lavender is known for it's relaxing properties and is included in most "sleep" products). I personally love the smell of it, I find it so lovely and relaxing. Now on to the actual matter in hand....does it help me sleep?
Well yes I think it does....but it quite possibly is psychological. I know that when I use this in the evening I feel more relaxed, I assume I'll get a better sleep and probably do! I'm going to sit on the fence here but will say that I enjoy using this shower gel, I'll finish it off and may repurchase but not until next winter.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Wet n Wild Haul

Hey my lovelies! I watch so many beauty YouTube videos that I'm constantly wanting/needing to try something out. For a long time I've been listening to my favourite American beauty gurus rave about the brand Wet n Wild. It's a super affordable drugstore brand similarly priced to MUA. So I took to Amazon and ordered a few bits.

The eyeshadow on the left is in the shade 'Nutty', I heard Annie Jaffrey rave about this in a favourites video.
The trio palette is called 'Walking On Eggshells' and I've seen Tanya Burr use this in a video. This just seems like a lovely little trio perfect for travelling.

Here we have a peachy blush in a silk finish on the left (I can't find the shade) and on the right a blush in Pearlescent Pink which I believe has featured in one of Fleur from FleurdeForces too drugstore blushers.
Of course I will be using these products and getting back to you with some reviews x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss Review

Hey lovelies it's review time! I picked up a new lipgloss a few weeks ago from the Urban Decay Naked range. While this range is traditionally known for it's eyeshadow palettes there are other bits in there such as powders, a blush palette and now a lipgloss range. I've walked past this range about 5 times and resisted then finally gave in!

The colour I picked up is Lovechild. I already have this colour in a lipstick and the super saturated lip crayon. It is just a beautiful bright blue toned pink that has been a firm favourite for a few years.


The gloss itself gives a good colour payoff but I always pair it with a lipstick never alone, it's thick without being gloopy and not especially sticky. Now not really being a gloss girl I do like will stay in my handbag over spring and summer. It hasn't tempted me into wanting to try other colors from the range but all in all a lovely gloss. x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lancôme Expert Daily Moisturiser SPF 50.

Hey my lovelies, the unexpected amazing sunshine has got me looking through my make up, updating a few things and digging out spring favourites! Anyway on to beauty matters slightly more serious...SPF. Normally most foundations or moisturisers do come with a certain level of SPF, my current Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation has Factor 15. While this is fine for day to day winter sunshine as soon as spring comes I like to use my Lancôme SPF Factor 50. This doubles up as my moisturiser and is perfect for under make up as it doesn't have that awful white tinge like most sun creams. So ladies it's time to start wearing your SPF to protect your skin from ageing and pigmentation.
I was also told this has been tried and approved on different skin tones including Asian.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend x

Friday, 7 March 2014

Current lush loves.

Hey my lovelies! I'm having a major lush bath obsession these days. After a day at work it's just what I need, a nice long bath reading some of my favourite chick lit.
I had a little haul the other day and here are what the products look like.

I like marshmellow, vanilla sweet smells. I'm not into any of the spicier scents. I get these cut up into smaller pieces and one bar easily lasts around 2/3 baths. It's all about long lazy pamper nights at the moment and I'll be filling you in on my top pamper products in another post. Hope you are all well x

Monday, 3 March 2014

A haul! Beauty, Body and Fashion

Hey my lovelies! Sorry for missing my Sunday and life just got in the way:)
This weekends haul was a mixed bag really it was a bit of everything .

Here we have a few repurchases the cleansing water, toner and fixing spray. The first time buys are 2 glosses, one by Urban Decay the Naked range. I picked the colour Lovechild (which I already have as a lipstick and lip crayon so it felt right to complete the set), and finally an NYX gloss. For those ladies that don't know, NYX is stocked at selected Next stores. I'm not usually into lipglosses but i felt like updating things for spring.

Next up a Lush Haul! I was going to open these to take photos but as I got them cut up it felt a bit pointless. I will get pictures from their site for when I review them.

Body Shop! Recently my love for the store is back. I went through a phase when I was 15 and loved it then sort of went back to it and Uni and just moved on. Anyway I'd forgotten just how great the products actually are so picked up a mango shower gel and vitamin E body butter.

My new love! Dune pony loafers. These are just so cute and comfy:)

I'll be back to you with reviews and shortly my February Favourites! Hope you are all well x