Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mac Lipsticks!

Ok so it's pretty apparent that I like pink lipsticks. I don't own much from Mac so I thought I'd try a few lippies, one was an impulse purchase and the other a duty free temptation.

It was after I saw countless pictures of the stunning Cheryl Cole with a bright pink lip I knew I had to give it a go! That girl has a lot to answer for I'm sure in beauty industries sales:)

This one is called Chatter box (very appropriate). A bright solid pink which is lovely for nights out when a bright lip is the main focus. I did wear this every day however on holiday in Italy so reminds me of that:)

Creme sheen in Speed dial. Very smooth soft formulation with a slightly glossy finish. Both colours are pretty similar.

I do love Mac lipsticks I just haven't got much wear out of them as they are so very bright and I usually go for a strong smoky eye so it's one or the other. However if applied lightly with a gloss over they can be toned down. They are only about £13 I think so worth buying if you see a colour you like. Very easy to apply, last a fair amount of time and have a lovely soft smell. With both of these though the lips must be very very smooth as any dryness will show immediately....gross! I'll certainly be looking out for any other colours I love from Mac in the future.


  1. All but one of my Mac lippies are pink! I've just ordered rebel to try and get out of my comfort zone. But i think i'll have to have a looky at Speed Dial! x

  2. Yes love speed dial looks so smooth and glossy on:) what colour is rebel? I need to venture out of my comfort zone too x