Saturday, 19 November 2011

My wish list!

So every evening I find myself reading blogs, Internet shopping and constantly writing lists of items I need:) yes need lol...ok it's a want but it definitely feels like a need! Here is a few pics of my current wish list...

Sleek Christmas palette! Only £5.99...Will be released next week.

Ok so I've gone a big bobbi brown crazy! But all the products look fab.
I would quite like a few cream eyeshadows as I don't own any and think if they are easy to use they might be quite handy and pretty for everyday workwear.
The 2 palettes are just gorgeous!! I certainly don't need to elaborate on why I want those.
I've never had a sleek palette yet but always read amazing reviews and the sparkley one is just perfect for my current festive mood!x


  1. I'm a Bobbi Brown fiend at the moment too! I have to say that I'm not overly impressed with the chocolate & gold pallete, it dropped sooo much glitter throughout the day, even with the primer :/ But I do love the warm party eye pallete :D xo

  2. Hey just checked out your blog and love now following. I'm going to a counter on thu and have read a few reviews about the chocolate and gold pallette all of which not that complimentary. It's a shame as colours look gorgeous! Have you got the warm pallette? It looks beautiful xx