Thursday, 10 November 2011

Grey/black smokey eye

I wanted to try a true smokey eye with grey and black. This is something I struggle with, I am never sure if it's because I struggle to blend it well enough at the top or because my natural skin colour slowly peeps through! It's basically a boring evening and I thought I might as well experiment.

So I have used the colours creep and gunmetal to achieve the following look. These colours are in the Urban Decay Naked Palette.



Super sparkly which I love.

I never usually do full face shots on here (I'm in leggings and a tee) I'm afraid i don't get dressed up for blog photos sorry!

I'm on the fence. I like this look but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it on a night out. I hate the thought of getting it wrong and only discovering it in photos afterwards! I'll keep practising and maybe one day. I did do this for my Halloween look pic is Halloween hair just so people don't actually think I walk around with this birds nest esque look:)

Let me know your thoughts on grey/black smoky eyes!x


  1. Nice shades of grey, very warm grey and suits the skin tone well. Here's a tip to make the colour really pop out - use a good make up primer on the eyelid. I use Studio Secrets from L'Oreal. It's a tiny tub for £20 but a little goes a long way. It's a light shade of pink but translucent on our Asian skin. It makes the colour of eye shadows truer and makes them last longer and doesn't slide off. I had trouble with doing smoky eyes with burgundy and rum colour eye shadows - it used to look like a bruise rather than a smoky eye but not the case now!

  2. Hey sim thanks for that tip, I've been thinking about a primer for a while...I got one with my urban decay set so maybe will try that then when it comes to buying a new one go for loreal! I love smokey eyes and I'm definitely going to practise more xx