Monday, 30 September 2013

Attending my first Beauty Blogger Meetup

Hi my lovelies! This weekend was exciting as I attended my first beauty blogger meet up. I was a little nervous but there was no reason to be, all the girls were absolutely lovely and a pleasure to meet.

Some photos from the day
We watched the AW13 fashion show at Highcross Leicester.

Some of us hitting the beauty counters.

Lunch at Bella Italia.

I'd like to say a big thankyou to Hareem for organising such a great meetup and the goodie bag was amazing I'll be showing you the contents of that very soon! Hope your all well x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sparkles for the eyes!

It's that time of year again ladies....yep I'm just going to come right out and use the C word...Christmas is coming.
I love Autumn and Winter especially make up wise. I think you can be more daring, everything can become more dramatic or sparkly even in the daytime.
Here are 2 new shadows i picked up that I absolutely love and will see me right through the festivities.

My very first Mac Pressed Pigment in Daygleam.

Absolutely beautiful soft and creamy but still a powder.

Urban Decay Moondust in Diamond Dog.

Both swatched slightly wet as the colour pay off is so so much better and intense. The fall out can be pretty ridiculous if not used wet so honestly that's the way I would recommend it.

Just wanted to share these beauties with you, I think they are a great easy way to glamourise any make up look. X

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Mascara Love YSL Shocking.

Hi ladies,
I LOVE mascara! Easily one of my favourite beauty products...i have the tiniest lashes and they are pretty thin too so anything that gives me thick long lashes is a winner in my eyes.
Now for a long time my favourite mascara was YSL Faux Cils and I was very reluctant to try another but one day I gave in and went for YSL Shocking.

Now in one clean sweep this gives me thicker, longer and blacker lashes. 2 coats and I'm ready for the evening. I don't have a bad word to say about this mascara however I will say if you have long thick lashes naturally this may be overkill for you. It has a huge wand so you need a steady hand to apply it but all in all I love it and will 100% be repurchasing. I might look out for a Christmas giftset from YSL that might include it.
Hope your well x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn Tag

1. Favourite thing about Autumn? I love the fact it gets slightly colder so I can happily wear soft warm pjs and be cosy in my blanket in the evenings.
2. Favourite Drink? Definitely got soon as it gets colder I'm all for a costa hot chocolate with the works.
3. Favourite scent/candle? Wow picking a perfume is hard for me as I love so many but I'll go with Hugo boss orange as there's something so comforting about that smell, and candles would be Ikeas green ones I think they are citrus/apple scents. I never like spiced or heavy smelling candles regardless of season.
4. Favourite lipstick? What?? Pick just one! That's difficult however I'll go with Revlons Just Bitten Kissable in Crush and for lipgloss Nars Larger than Life in Como.
5. Go to moisturiser? At the moment it's YSL Forever Light Creator which is a serum.
6. Go to colour for the eyes? Ahhh my favourite thing about colder weather is heavier sparklier eyes! At the moment I'm in love with using my YSL Chromatics palette shadows wet on my lid and smudging Mac Woodwinked in the crease.
7. Favourite music to listen to? This for me is varied...generally pop so cheryl cole, one direction. Will.I.Am
8. Favourite outfit to wear? I'm a skinny jeans, jumper and coat kinda girl. Not the biggest fan of scarves.
9. Autumn Treat? New cosy pyjamas and a dressing gown:)
10. Favourite place to be? In front of the fire at home with my family chatting away.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Holiday photos -Majorca

Hi my lovelies! It's been a while since I've blogged as I've been away on holiday. Occasionally I blog while I'm away but this time just had a pure relaxing break which was lovely.

Here are some of my favourite photos to share with you guys

View from my balcony.

The beach.

My favourite snack of all time!

Hope your all well and ill be back very soon with a beauty related post. x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask Review

Hi my lovelies,
Today's post is about an incredible face mask I've been using weekly for the last 3 weeks. I LOVE it! I heard about it through FleurdeForces skincare video and so far any product she has recommended I've literally fallen in love with.

So the mask itself comes in a pump and you use about 2 pump fulls to cover your entire face. Just smooth it on to clean dry skin. It is a wash off mask not peel so you don't get any uncomfortable tightness. It has quite a strong orangey kind of smell which while I don't love it doesn't bother me either. I usually use this before a shower and just wash off once I'm in there. Now the results...I can honestly say I am left with clearer, softer and fresher looking skin. It hasn't broken me out which is great as thats one of my main concerns when trying out new masks. This little bottle is only a 50ml and is around £35 so it's not cheap. I however would repurchase this as i only use it weekly I probably will need a new bottle every 3 months...and it's much cheaper than getting a facial.
So if your looking for something to just freshen up your complexion and give you that luminous skin then this is a great place to start!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beauty waters and setting sprays.

Hello my lovelies,
Time to talk Beauty waters and setting sprays. I'm a big fan of setting sprays and have been for a few years so time to talk you through my top 3.
Each of these have different qualities I love so I use them at different times.

First up my old favourite. Urban Decay All Nighter.

This was actually my first setting spray and to be honest I didn't believe it would work but boy was I wrong!
I spritz this on my face after all my slap is on and I'd say it literally keeps my make up flawless for 8 hours. I've worn this for evenings out, parties, weddings you name it and it has never let me down through hours of dancing and running around!

Second up Urban Decay Dew Me.

I like this as my every day setting spray. I just find it kind of blends all my make up into my skin and takes away any powdery finishes. I use this pretty much everyday for a 9-6 make up look. handbag and holiday favourite. Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

I bought this as I've heard it raved about so many times on beauty blogs and YouTube. Now strictly speaking this isn't a setting spray this falls under the Beauty Water category and is used to hydrate, freshen and give radiance to the skin. It can be used before and after make up too it just has a variety of uses. For me that's why this is a holiday favourite. It can live in my beach bag to freshen my face while I'm in the sun. It also has a medicinally kind of smell which I personally like but can take some getting used to.

That's it guys my top 3 beauty waters/ setting sprays that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Danish Beauty Haul!

Hey my lovelies!
Well as you all know I was in Denmark recently and although I was super busy with my cousins wedding I still managed to squeeze in a few hours shopping. So today I'm here to share my haul with you! They have beautiful department stores there and it also had a Sephora in which to me is just beauty heaven:)
Ok on to my purchases!

A brand we don't stock in the uk but I hear so much about on American beauty blogs I was dying to try it out!
My lovely cousin Ayisha picked up a foundation for me in N125, full cover concealer in 6 and I got a lipstick in 32. I can't wait to start giving these beauties a try.

An indulgent treat...while I was in one of their department stores I saw they had an Armani beauty stand and of course I needed something:)
I got the Fluid Sheer which is basically a highlighter that can be used alone or mixed with foundation, it reminds me a lot of my Soleil Tan De Chanel.
A maestro fluid corrector. I have heard this bad boy raved about so let's see. I got number 2 which is more suited to Asian skin tone. And of course a lipstick:) This however regardless of price has to be the most beautiful luxurious lipstick I own, even more beautiful than my Chanel collection. It is creamy, pigmented and just feels amazing on. The shade is 512.

I managed to collect a few lip balms along the way....I think the flight made my lips a bit dry so I went into overdrive.
Here we have a Sephora own branded balm, Smiths strawberry balm, Korres lip butter in Jasmine which smells incredible, an Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm which really just does the job and my cousin Ayisha gave me an eos balm. This excited me a ridiculous amount as in the UK we just can't get hold of these!

My very first Mac Pressed Pigment in Day Gleam.

2 Sephora brushes, I use number 45 to buff my foundation in and it's just beautiful, I picked up a blusher brush too in 43.

Something fun...the Minnie Opi polishes. I know it's still summer but my minds wandering to Autumn and then Christmas. There is some gorgeous reds in here.

A closer look, the second one in has sparkles and that will definitely be my christmas nail colour.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed reading about the beautiful beauty bits I bought from Denmark. I will of course use them all and report back:) x