Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Kikos glamliner is gorgeous. At first glance just looks like any black kohl liner but this is really so much more! Firstly I love how it's so smooth and creamy allowing for great application, and also has a shimmer to it. It's extremely subtle but most definitely there! I would use this every day but I'm scared it will run out too soon...silly or what! This was another fab product by Kiko and I have to say after trying most of the things I bought im yet to be let down!x

Can look shimmery.

Can look solid black.


  1. I don't have kiko but thanks for the review.
    I have a sigma beauty and elf giveaway check it out

  2. Hey Iz, can you recommend a kohl/pencil eyeliner to use on the inner rim of my eye. I tried many over the years and the one that has worked I bought when I was 16 and really scared to let it finish. It glides on very easily and the colour is matte black and doesn't run. I want to buy a back up please as I've got less than 2 inches of the pencil left!

  3. Hey you my favourite is mac kohl eyeliner in smoulder which is soft and matte black! I love it:) have tried many but that's the blackest I can find. Have u tried Indian kajal? That's brilliant but very smudgy xxx

  4. @ copy cat ill be sure to enter xx

  5. Hey, thanks for that. I'm heading into the city at some point this weekend, I'll pick some up xxx