Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pucker up!

Nearly mistletoe season...2 of my favourite Lipglosses. These beautiful colours by Nars are pretty much all the gloss I need in my life. Here we have one on the left called 'sweet revenge' and right 'super orgasm'.

Sweet revenge

A peachy colour I use with smokey grey eyes or when using my Chanel d'ombres shadow. This soft gloss is peach with teeny tiny multicoloured glitter...but not actual you can't feel it. Very strange to describe...but hopefully you can see it in the picture above.

Super Orgasm.

A winning babydoll pink with flecks of gold in. This goes with pretty much every look, I must say I wear this most days and carry it around with me. It's super pretty and will suit all skin tones.

The price tag...hefty £17.50 each....however I've had mine a few months and they aren't finished yet. So i say it's ok to spend a little long as you spend it wisely:) x

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