Monday, 14 November 2011

High street mascara!

I have to admit I'm a bit of a mascara snob:( I really believe that in this case you do get what you pay for. I think it also hugely depends on what you need/want from a mascara. My eyelashes are super fine and short so I want pretty much everything....length, volume, and thickening. I've tried many different brands and usually avoid high street ones but found these 2 lurking in a drawer so thought would give them a try.

Firstly here is bourjois coup de theatre. The brush is average i have to say, it's very hard/plasticky feeling so ok-ish to work with. The mascara adds great length but no volume or thickening. I find it to be too wet as well so a huge tendency to clump. I liked using this as a second coat mascara over Lancôme doll eyes. In fact I do that quite often but on its own it wasn't quite enough for me.

Secondly a Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes mascara. This has a huge brush and gives fantastic volume and thickness. It's not that easy to work with though as the brush is huge (bit of a double edged sword). I definitely couldn't use this on my lower lashes without making a mess. Again this mascara is great when used with another and Lancôme doll eyes is the one of choice.

I'd say for the price these mascaras are pretty good I'm fairly sure they are under £10 each. However don't expect everything out of them. will probably need to use this as a second coat on top of something else. Will I repurchase...possibly not. I still will be sticking with high end brand mascaras...I'm afraid high street ones just don't do it for me.x


  1. Did you try Maxfaxtor Masterpiece Max? I love it! x

  2. Best high street mascara, Rimmel lash excellerator, I'm on my third tube! It has a lengthening complex to help lashes grow and is really wet so coats the lashes without being clumpy. X

  3. @sim I haven't had chance to try it yet but that will be my next high street buy. xx
    @jo I'll give it a go! I'm super obsessed with YSL faux Cils at the mo!xxx