Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lipcream.

I was having a little wander around Boots...which let's be honest never just finishes as a wander! It nearly always results in impulse cosmetic purchases! I'm quite into lip colours at the moment and basically wanted a new pink and new peach colour. So I spotted these 2 fab collection 2000 colours both under £5 swatched and bought! The name cream puff is super appropriate as they are creamy and puffy in texture...your thinking "Whhatttt how is that possible with a lip colour" is! It's down as a lip cream which it is...very smooth and gives a surprisingly matte finish so if this isn't something your after then either apply lipgloss on top or give it a miss altogether.


Top colour - Cotton Candy
Bottom colour - Fairy Cake

I like these as they are pretty strong vibrant colours and I like mixing things up a bit without spending too much on a product I won't wear everyday. I like these as an addition to my ever growing collection but not something I would class as a staple. I think I bought them when I got my Chanel D'Ombre eyeshadow and went crazy on the peachy cheeks and lips...the pink....well I don't need to remind you of my pink lip colour obbsession:) x


  1. The fairy cake one is a lush colour:) may have to have a look at these:)

  2. I love both! I need to try these :)
    Lucy xx

  3. Sophie - love fairy cake with a grey smokey eye:) x

    Lucy - you should definitely swatch them, they're fab x

  4. Thanks for the review.
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