Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Confessions of a lipbalm junkie!

They say a picture says a thousand words....addicted to lipbalms! Literally they are everywhere...bedroom, car, work, you name it!
I can never have too many and always on the lookout for more:) anybody else have a lipbalm obbsession?x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My hair care must have - Moroccan Oil!

Ever since i have bought this product I have used it everyday. Moroccan Oil is a hair craze product of the moment and is used like a hair serum. It really nourishes my hair especially the ends and reduces drying time...which is great as my hair is fairly long. This cost me about £10 but lasts absolutely ages. I can't rave about this product enough, it will definitely be a repurchase for me...forever! If you haven't tried it then honestly do you won't be dissapointed. Good hair salons and some House of Fraser stock it.x

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sleek pout polish.

Wow a beautiful pout polish under £5! Sleek is a brand available at Superdrug and I've read many great reviews about their fab products especially their pallettes which they seem to be churning out. In fact writing this review has reminded me how much I really should buy one of those to try out!
This pot is fairly large so you are most definitely getting value for money here.


Another babydoll I don't have enough! This gives a beautiful colour payoff without being too solid, it is very glossy and also nourishing on the lips. I quite often use this instead of lip balm. I honestly think that for less than a fiver you can't go wrong...
I must add that I'm loving the diversity within superdrug of different cosmetic brands....they have really found something that sets them apart from the other big beauty retailers. I quite often have a little mooch around and unearth a new gem!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bobbi Brown Haul!

So anybody on twitter or a regular blog reader of mine may have picked up on my slight/crazy Bobbi Brown obsession. I have spent a few evenings looking at the website making a note of all the amazing things I want! Referring back to my wish list....

The warm palette - not for me too many eyeshadow colours with pink undertones that don't seem to suit me.

This eye paint palette, well a few fellow beauty bloggers had been dissapointed with it. It doesn't stay on and flecks fall on to your face. Also not overly that case not for moi! (thankyou to people that let me know...stopped me wasting my mullah).

Cream shadows I purchased the 2 below! (they look a bit messy already sorry).
Left - metallic long wear cream shadow - Goldstone.
Right - long wear cream shadow - Sandy Gold.

I wanted one wash colour that could be used daily to give my eye a slightly fresh brighter look. This one pictured is the sandy gold. Its a cream colour with a slight gold shimmer to it.

I've used the cream shadow all over, MUA gold from the heaven and earth pallette on my lids, Soap&Glory eyeliner in carbon black, YSL Faux Cils and lined inner lash lines with kajal.

Again under lamp light (the cream shadow looks lighter now)

What I like is that it's subtle and my skin colour doesn't peep through after a few hours.

The second super sparkley one is for the festive girl in me! It also has a fab wet look that I love.

Swatches of both!

Left - Goldstone
Right - Antique Gold

I use a brush to apply to lid then blend using my finger. Partly because the pots are so tiny and with my gel nails its impossible to get anything out...the type of brush I use :-

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Mac Fix + Review

Right so mac fix + review time. Well I've managed a full 26 years without a make up setting spray and now I ask myself how?!
I got given an urban decay all nighter sample a while ago...used and loved! I looked online for other setting sprays and mac fix + has has fab reviews for regular daily use. Off I trotted and bought. The verdict...I love it! This is the most gorgeous spray ever, it sets my make up and gives that dewy look! No cakyness at all. This has a slight water melon smell to it...not my favourite but not bad. I do my face then spritz about 5 sprays on! I have most definitely noticed that my make up does now last all day while I'm at work. Lots of people re spritz daily to freshen their make up again.
I've had a few people ask me which I prefer...urban decay or mac fix +. Honestly I'm not sure....I use mac fix + everyday for work and urban decay for evenings as i think it's a much stronger hold. Price difference is Mac £12.50 and Urban Decay £19.

If in both!x

Friday, 25 November 2011

Feeling festive!

I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw's nearly December and im feeling festive!
I'd say it's a combination of all the adverts, Christmas catalogues and mince pies on constant offer! Now back to the beauty side...a tip for all...trot to all your beauty counters as they often do fab limited edition palettes that are great value for money, I'm still not over missing out on a bobbi brown one a few years ago not realising it was for Christmas. Also if your looking for an overhaul for your collection or a new starter Boots often have great offers on big collections such as No7. Also the two faced pallette I keep raving about is in the sale in Asos!x

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well doesn't this look like a grotty picture! It's not often I ever finish product and never usually post a picture of them in this state. However I saw a recent post by another beauty blogger about products hitting pan! And it really does say more about a product if you have bothered to use it to the end!
So above we have:-

No7 pressed powder - candlelight. I have been through many of these over the past few years!

Nars blush - Orgasm, a firm favourite will always repurchase! This is my second one in 2 years.

Avon Advance Techniques - Shine spray and hair serum. Both second bottles.

Make up box lip gloss - zol (future review coming up)

Lancôme doll eyes - love the brush shape but YSL Faux Cils has won my heart now!

Palmers cocoa butter - my millionth bottle, I keep this one in my make up bag hence the state of it. This is my daily morning moisturiser.

Lancome eyeshadow - the colour and number have worn off but I got this as part of a 23rd present! 3 years later still using and still some left so has definitely stood the testament of time.

Moroccan hair oil - this small bottle has lasted literally 4 months so no qualms about longevity and will be repurchasing 100%. (Future review).

I actually like the feeling of finishing a product, as I have so many it's not often it happens but it's when you know you love a product and have got your true moneys worth! When products get near the end I stack them in a box near my mirror so I'm almost forced to use...finish...and bin....then buy more!x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Too faced palette swatches

Remember this little beauty I blogged about! Time for swatches and a mini rave review. I love all too faced products they are so easy to use and highly pigmented. For many who have truck loads of make up this is a fab addition or for those just starting out it's a great way to achieve lots of looks from one product. It's £31 which is amazing value for 9 eyeshadows, 3 blushers and 3 lip colours.

First Row - Natural Beauty

Second Row - Feminine Flirty

Third Row - Seductively Smokey.

Blush swatch top to bottom.

Here's a tutorial printed inside. This explains exactly how to achieve each look using which colours. I think this is great for those who are not sure how to use products and where to put which colour. I cant rave about this enough! Top row eyeshadows I love...of course cos they are browns and golds and I love the bottom row navy and plum to line underneath my eyes. Top blush is a gorgeous pink with gold flecks....right up my street. I say buy buy buy!!!x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Novembers Glossy Box Review

Here it is...the box I've been waiting all month for! Novembers Glossybox! Right well siggghhhhh...not overly impressed this month I'm afraid.
Contents are:-
* Arbonne FC5 foot cream. (unexcited by this...looking who to palm it off to)
* Dead Sea Spa Magik bath salts - will give this a go, don't have baths often (shower instead so hold those jokes) but occasionally am achey so why not.
*Monu Skin Perfector - a weightless cream that instantly smooths imperfections and glides on to the skin....this product I'm excited about, will use before make up application and see if my skin looks flawless afterwards.
*Nail Rock designer nail wraps - I can see why people like these as theybare a bit different but I'm afraid don't appeal to me:( I much prefer French manicure or a colour.
* 2 fragrance samples - unisex fragrances.

The skin perfector cream I'm excited about.

The products I'm not so keen on.

The product I'm willing to give a go.

The technical bit:)

So I'll stick with Glossy Box for one more month but if I'm not impressed then I'm going over to a rival company such as Feel Unique, Carmine or Boudoire Prive! Glossy Box should really up their game as I've read lots of disappointed reviews on this months box and with other companies hot on their heels they better pull something special out of the bag for christmas.
If anyone has any reviews on other boxes or reccomendations then please post below.x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Body shop Deep Sleep products

So I bought these 2 deep sleep products in a recent shopping trip and posted the picture in a mini haul post. One is a pillow mist and the other a pulse point balm.
Review time...
Uh oh never again. I know this sounds odd but after using these for a few nights I was having the strangest strange and scary that I will not be using them again. It may have of course been a huge coincidence but it's put me off. Sorry Body Shop...not for me. I have found another fab pillow mist which works wonders! I'll be posting a review soon x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Novembers can't live without products.

Ok so this picture shows a few of my items this month that im reaching for on a daily basis! All products I've mentioned before but they deserve a rave!

Bobbi brown shadow - Banana
Mac Fix + Spray
YSL Faux Cils - Noir Radical
MUA palette - Heaven and Earth
No7 lipliner - blush
Mac kohl liner - Smoulder

I love love love these products and they are forming part of my routine at the moment! I'm sure I'll be getting through these super fast and repurchasing. x

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My wish list!

So every evening I find myself reading blogs, Internet shopping and constantly writing lists of items I need:) yes need lol...ok it's a want but it definitely feels like a need! Here is a few pics of my current wish list...

Sleek Christmas palette! Only £5.99...Will be released next week.

Ok so I've gone a big bobbi brown crazy! But all the products look fab.
I would quite like a few cream eyeshadows as I don't own any and think if they are easy to use they might be quite handy and pretty for everyday workwear.
The 2 palettes are just gorgeous!! I certainly don't need to elaborate on why I want those.
I've never had a sleek palette yet but always read amazing reviews and the sparkley one is just perfect for my current festive mood!x

Friday, 18 November 2011

My new make up bag!

I know I showed you this in a mini haul blog but I'm feeling the need to show you again. I love this bag!

It's actually pretty roomy inside and cos its structured things can be kept organised not just one big mish mash! What drew me to this was the clasp at the top! I love purses, bags anything with a clasp so chic and ladylike. Also a wipe clean material on the outside so I can keep it clean:) It was £15 from Debenhams in the Christmas section so if you like it I'd hunt it down pronto!x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Every girl needs some Chanel....right?!:)

This little beauty was bought on my way to sunny Spain in duty free. My very first Chanel lipstick...I'm sorry I can't remember the price.
Rouge coco shine.
The colour is number 57 Aventure

Swatch below

A beautiful soft pink with flecks of gold...I mean so subtle and you can't feel them so they certainly aren't glitter particles. This reminds me very much of my favourite Dior lipstick in Singuleire. It is very soft and creamy in texture, it gives more of a sheen style colour but I'd say this is more solid than the Dior one. Also the flecks of gold make this super pretty. I love this, have to say I haven't worn it much yet but I will be putting this one in my handbag. Every girl needs a bit of Chanel right?!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Kikos glamliner is gorgeous. At first glance just looks like any black kohl liner but this is really so much more! Firstly I love how it's so smooth and creamy allowing for great application, and also has a shimmer to it. It's extremely subtle but most definitely there! I would use this every day but I'm scared it will run out too soon...silly or what! This was another fab product by Kiko and I have to say after trying most of the things I bought im yet to be let down!x

Can look shimmery.

Can look solid black.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lipcream.

I was having a little wander around Boots...which let's be honest never just finishes as a wander! It nearly always results in impulse cosmetic purchases! I'm quite into lip colours at the moment and basically wanted a new pink and new peach colour. So I spotted these 2 fab collection 2000 colours both under £5 swatched and bought! The name cream puff is super appropriate as they are creamy and puffy in texture...your thinking "Whhatttt how is that possible with a lip colour" is! It's down as a lip cream which it is...very smooth and gives a surprisingly matte finish so if this isn't something your after then either apply lipgloss on top or give it a miss altogether.


Top colour - Cotton Candy
Bottom colour - Fairy Cake

I like these as they are pretty strong vibrant colours and I like mixing things up a bit without spending too much on a product I won't wear everyday. I like these as an addition to my ever growing collection but not something I would class as a staple. I think I bought them when I got my Chanel D'Ombre eyeshadow and went crazy on the peachy cheeks and lips...the pink....well I don't need to remind you of my pink lip colour obbsession:) x

Monday, 14 November 2011

High street mascara!

I have to admit I'm a bit of a mascara snob:( I really believe that in this case you do get what you pay for. I think it also hugely depends on what you need/want from a mascara. My eyelashes are super fine and short so I want pretty much everything....length, volume, and thickening. I've tried many different brands and usually avoid high street ones but found these 2 lurking in a drawer so thought would give them a try.

Firstly here is bourjois coup de theatre. The brush is average i have to say, it's very hard/plasticky feeling so ok-ish to work with. The mascara adds great length but no volume or thickening. I find it to be too wet as well so a huge tendency to clump. I liked using this as a second coat mascara over Lancôme doll eyes. In fact I do that quite often but on its own it wasn't quite enough for me.

Secondly a Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes mascara. This has a huge brush and gives fantastic volume and thickness. It's not that easy to work with though as the brush is huge (bit of a double edged sword). I definitely couldn't use this on my lower lashes without making a mess. Again this mascara is great when used with another and Lancôme doll eyes is the one of choice.

I'd say for the price these mascaras are pretty good I'm fairly sure they are under £10 each. However don't expect everything out of them. will probably need to use this as a second coat on top of something else. Will I repurchase...possibly not. I still will be sticking with high end brand mascaras...I'm afraid high street ones just don't do it for me.x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mini shopping haul!

A week off work of course meant 'HIT THE SHOPS...HARD' ok so I decided i wanted/needed a new make up bag as I love organising it...sad I know! So I was basically hunting for that...the other purchases just....happened?!!

Right so here we have:
* Make up bag - Debenhams £15
* Tangle Teezer - Boots £10.20
* Powder Boost Volumizer - Regis £8.49 (highly recommended by my good friend Kerry)
* Deep sleep pillow mist - The Body Shop £10
* Deep sleep pulse balm - £8

The other bits are a lip balm from The Body shop, Carmex, my 2012 filofax inserts (for the organised girl in me) and last but not least my new Marc Jacobs purse!!!

I thought I'd try out these deep sleep products as quite often I struggle to sleep at night with my brain going a million miles an hour so I wanted to try something fairly natural.

Well I've heard about this little bad boy just about everywhere! The brush that detangles wet hair without breakages and easily...I thought I'd give it a go. I'll be reviewing for sure as it's sure an expensive piece of plastic but anything that can detangle my wet hair is a miracle piece of equipment.

Of course look out for reviews on products especially that volume powder, can't wait to give that a go!x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen.

My review for my new Soap & Glory eyeliner. I love it!! I have used it every day since I have had it and this is now my eyeliner of choice. So black and so easy to use. It also lasts all day and doesnt smudge.

Picture below of the felt tip style pen.

I've said before I'm really favouring the winged eyeliner look at the moment so here's a few pictures of when I've used this eyeliner.

Simple eye make up for lunch out with my mum.

Me practising my grey/black smoky eye look.

This eyeliner was only £6 and I am fairly sure I'll be sticking with this one for the near future. It ticks all the boxes for me! x