Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Weekend beauty haul!

This weekend was my best friends 30th birthday party, and for me parties always somehow mean "find new make up"! Quite possibly as it gives me an oppurtunity to try out a new look! And getting ready always feels a little more special if you hfae something new.
Ok in the above haul we have:
*YSL mascara Faux Cils in 'Noir Radial. £24.50
*YSL Touché Éclat in 'Light Peach'. £22.
*MAC Fix+ Spray. £12.50.
*Nars Blush in 'Orgasm'. £20.50.
*Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen in 'Carbon Black'. £6.

I am constantly on the hunt for a new mascara as eyes are the main thing I focus on and i love long gorgeous black black black lashes. They must be sexy though not messy and clumpy...yuk!! I've been recommended this mascara many times and this is my first YSL purchase so fingers crossed! I'm usually a lancome girl so let's see how this compares.

YSL have very recently brought out 7 shades of touché éclat, the old ones certainly didn't suit my Asian skin tone so something i never bought. I've got number 3 which is for olive tones. Something to point out is that number 4 was very quickly pulled from the market as apparently it didn't suit any skin tone. I'll be giving this a go under my eyes and see if this product really does live up to the hype.

A recent post I did was on Urban Decays All Nighter setting spray that I received as a free gift. That's pretty much finished and I thought it was time to replace as I'm now loving the idea of setting sprays. I scoured many beauty blogs and it seems that this Mac Fix + spray has received so many positive comments I knew I had to buy it.

I recently did a review on my usual collection 2000 eyeliner which I have been using for years...nothing has ever deterred me but Soap & Glory have just launched their cosmetic brand so I swatched this and truly loved. £6 is a great bargain too.

The Nars blusher is just a back up.

Right well that's me set for a little while. I will be keeping you all posted with reviews on all products!
Oh I also had a look at the new Mac collection with fab white packaging, I liked it but not enough to buy any. There was a cute snow globe eye pallette in browns but it was nothing all that different from anything else I own.x


  1. How did you get on with the Touche Eclait? I've always wanted to try it under my eyes especially but was unsure of finding the appropriate shade. How did you find it? I think I'll try it when I'm next in the UK.

  2. Hi, I'd say it completely depends upon the darkness of under eye circles or what you want to conceal. I like it and this number 3 is the perfect shade. They have now brought out a total of 7 shades. I'm going to do a future post on under eye concealing as its something I'm asked about a lot. I do like touché éclat though very soft and easy to use but not hardcore coverage, it really is just a concealer/highlighter xx