Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Confessions of a lipbalm junkie!

They say a picture says a thousand words....addicted to lipbalms! Literally they are everywhere...bedroom, car, work, you name it!
I can never have too many and always on the lookout for more:) anybody else have a lipbalm obbsession?x


  1. Hello, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading it!
    Hahaha wait until you see my lip balm collection! I may have to upload it next! Is it alright if I include a link to yours? :)
    If you have a minute I would really apreciate it if you checked out my blog! It's
    Thankyou xxxxx

  2. if you want to try something new, try Mary Kay's Satin Lips. It's a set of two tubes. The first tube is a scrub and you leave it on for a minute and then gently rub it off. Then apply the balm part. It is amazing! For the holidays, they came out with scented balms in a pack of three! I ahve never been a balm person but after being on Accutane for a few months, I find my lips are still quite dry and also I have discovered how great my lipstick feels aftewards.
    Thanks for sharing another obsession. :-)

  3. Great Post!! I don't have a 'lipbalm' obsession more a lip obsession I have tones of lipsticks and balms!!! I found you on Islays blog, so glad I did I love reading new blogs :D



  4. @ islay I love your blog and am now following you, of course you can put a link on here:) can't wait to read it xx

    @ayisha I will have to look out for that it sounds great, lip scrubs are a must especially in winter!

    @Emma aww thankyou emma I'm just about to check out your blog too and I'll be following for sure. I love lipsticks too....I'm now converted to lipsticks from lipgloss..I'll never go back haha x

  5. I hsve a HUGE obsession with lipbalms too! Can't get enough of them I hate it if my lips feel dry, never leave the house without at least one lipbalm on me lol! xx

  6. Yep me too:) they are always with me...for me it's keys phone purse...lipbalm!xxx