Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Novembers Glossy Box Review

Here it is...the box I've been waiting all month for! Novembers Glossybox! Right well siggghhhhh...not overly impressed this month I'm afraid.
Contents are:-
* Arbonne FC5 foot cream. (unexcited by this...looking who to palm it off to)
* Dead Sea Spa Magik bath salts - will give this a go, don't have baths often (shower instead so hold those jokes) but occasionally am achey so why not.
*Monu Skin Perfector - a weightless cream that instantly smooths imperfections and glides on to the skin....this product I'm excited about, will use before make up application and see if my skin looks flawless afterwards.
*Nail Rock designer nail wraps - I can see why people like these as theybare a bit different but I'm afraid don't appeal to me:( I much prefer French manicure or a colour.
* 2 fragrance samples - unisex fragrances.

The skin perfector cream I'm excited about.

The products I'm not so keen on.

The product I'm willing to give a go.

The technical bit:)

So I'll stick with Glossy Box for one more month but if I'm not impressed then I'm going over to a rival company such as Feel Unique, Carmine or Boudoire Prive! Glossy Box should really up their game as I've read lots of disappointed reviews on this months box and with other companies hot on their heels they better pull something special out of the bag for christmas.
If anyone has any reviews on other boxes or reccomendations then please post below.x


  1. Oh dear, I'd be a bit disapointed with that one. Have you had a look at Carmine boxes. I LOVED this month's one, loads of gorgeous make up. If you use this link ( you can get it for £5!!!

  2. Totally agree with the disappointment factor that came with this month's Glossybox. Definitely have a look at Carmine I feel it's worth what you pay for it - at least you get some variety!

    Be aware with Boudoir Prive, they haven't been providing full size products. I'm actually considering dropping my subs to Glossy and BP in the new year and picking up a sub with Feel Unique! xx

  3. @ Lauren I tried to order it but kept trying to charge me full price :( x

    @numera feel unique does look fab esp loving the drawers so can use for storage easily. Think the new year will bring a new beauty box...or 2:) dissapointed hearing that with boudoire prive as it looks nice x