Monday, 31 October 2011

Must try Monday!

Happy Monday girlies! Ok so this weeks product is a mint julips sugar scrub from a fab shop in London called 'Never too busy to B beautiful'. I bought this literally years ago and used a few times. I know reading lots of fellow beauty bloggers that many swear by lip scrubs to keep their lips smooth for great lipstick application. I have to say as its getting colder my lips are drier and lippie application is a bit hassley at times especially when I'm using lighter colours. Sooooo I'll be using this scrub 2-3 times before I deliver my verdict on saturday. x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Winged eyeliner!

Im not shy to admit that like a lot of girls I was super afraid to even attempt to use liquid eyeliner! It was my bestie Jo that introduced me to collection 2000's liner pictured above! I've been using this for years and to be honest never bothered looking for an alternative as its fab, easy to use and cheap! I'm really feeling the whole winged liner look and have pictures below. I start my eyeliner just after the middle of my eye to make them look longer. I usually do it with a pencil then go over in liquid. Going the whole way across just doesn't suit me although I love this look on others. Anyone else know of a great liquid liner?x



Saturday, 29 October 2011

The verdict is out!

This cream....was okay and literally okay at best. I did love the herbal smell and tingly sensation on my skin but I didn't find it brightened my skin or made it luminous in any way. Also with the weather my skin is super dry so I was having to use an additional night cream so perhaps didn't get true results. Either way not for moi...maybe revisit in the summer.x

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday Favourite!

This gorgeous Dior Addict lipstick in 'Singuliere' is beautiful! Im halfway through this and absolutely love! The colour I know looks incredibly bright and daunting but actually is a beautiful soft pink which gives more of a sheen than an actual solid colour. It was about £22 so one of my most expensive lippies bar Chanel but worth every penny.

Swatch below

Have a great weekend all x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Urban Decay Must Have!

Obviously as you all know I purchase a lot of make up! I quite often receive samples which I never use to be quite honest but this time I gave one of them a go. Along with my naked eye palette I received the 'All Nighter' long lasting make up setting spray. I literally threw this to the back of my drawer and decided before an evening out with the girls id give it a go. I hate leaving the house looking polished and returning to look haggered with faded make up (despite not touching my face)! After giving my face a quick spritz I thought no more of it until I returned to be super impressed that my make up was looking just as good as when I went out. I will definitely be repurchasing this in full size without a doubt.x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I'm getting my face mapped!

Ok I've not gone crazy people:) Basically as I said earlier in the week my skin is feeling dry and full and is in desperate need of something! So I've called a Dermalogica salon (I've fallen in love with their products since my Glossybox samples) and am off to get mapped. In this free consultation they let you know exactly what products you need for optimum skin. As their products cost more than a pretty penny I don't particularly want to get this wrong. So once I'm done I'll show you my haul and review the products of course!x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Must Try Monday

My skin is suffering. Dry, dull and flaky. A combination of weather, central heating and one too many late nights im afraid. Life isnt slowing down so I need a skin pick me up pronto! Gave my bedside table a little rummage and uncovered Soap & Glory Instant radiance energy balm. So I'll be using this after my night cream every night for a week! I can't use it alone as its not thick enough and my skin needs a lot of moisture right now. I'll keep you all posted. Happy Monday!x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The verdict is out!

So girlies I used this palette all week and can't believe I pushed it to the back of my drawer! I love it all over again. Beautiful colours, all very smooth, highly pigmented and fantastic to work with. I used different colours every day, somedays quite natural and others much heavier. At £4 this is a bargain and one I recommend. Now a permanent fixture in my make up bag x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Favourite!

Today's is a little different. It's a picture from the runway (Chanel)

I just think this is the most beautiful picture, I love the dress, background and look in general. Not something I would wear but still a gorgeous picture. It's a beautiful spring style outfit with a winter style background. I think all the lights in the back did it for me as I'm a fairly festive mood today:)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pre party preperations!

Right it's getting colder and darker it's time to get glam for all those parties coming up! I always find that a week before any big event be it a birthday, wedding or night out with the ladies I like to prepare for it. I hate hate hate hate rushing around, feeling fat when I try on my outfit that night or not having the perfect jewellery. So I try and follow the steps below beginning around 5 days before to feel my absolute best!

1. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! - I can't stress the importance of exfoliation enough, it gets that blood pumping round you and sloughs away any dead skin to reveal fresh shiny skin:) I find it particularly important on legs to prevent ingrown hairs and backs of arms that tend to get those random red bumps Grrrrr!

2. Facial Microdermabrasion - this is a treatment available in many beauty salons. I have had a full crystal clear facial which is basically microdermabrasion using a machine, a mask and eye pads. I personally found it too harsh on my skin and did leave with a few scratches. I find home microdermabrasion products much better and my particular favourite is No7's. This will be featured in a future post for sure as its a great product.

3. Moisturise lots!!! I find my skin during the colder months gets very dry and flaky especially on my face so I use thick body butter from the body shop 3 nights the week before an event. The other nights I use Avons Anew luminosity serum (mentioned in a previous post) as it smooths skin and evens the tone.

4. Nails - I quite often time my appointments for my gel nails to be infilled as close to an event as possible as the shinier and newer the better!

5. Pedicure - Just because it's winter doesn't mean those tootsies don't need love! Even though I literally only have my feet on show in heels at parties I do make sure I do a pedicure regularly all winter.

6. Outfit - plan the outfit I'm going to wear beforehand and give myself 2 choices, then make the final decision the night before.

7. Jewellery can make or break an outfit. Does it need to be dainty? Pretty? Chunky? Gold? Silver? Not both major faux pax to mix gold and silver in my humble opinion.

8. Heels - always heels too I must add. For me the higher the better and I'll be honest even though I own a million pairs the majority are black.

9. Handbag - being an absolute handbag lover I never go anywhere without one! I know some women do but for me it completes my outfit! I feel naked without where do they put their stuff?!!! Ok so is a clutch going to work? Side bag? Tote? Pick carefully and remember choose wisely as your going to be holding it alllll night.

10. MAKE UP- The best bit! I like to think a look through before i actually do it, so usually I'll consider what I'm wearing and how my make up needs to be.
Am I going for dramatic eyes? Bold lip? Very natural? I focus on one area and try to keep the others minimal....too much make up and you look like a tranny. So I don't go for falsies, blush and bold lip on one catch my drift. So I pick my cosmetic pieces out and lay them out ready for me to apply (a few hours before doing my face) to make the whole process easier. I keep cotton buds handy, make up wipes and extra eyelash glue.
Hair - I do after my make up - either straight or curled using a fab curling wand! My motto the bigger the better. Hair icons - Cheryl cole and Kim Kardashian.
Perfume - I usually wear one of my favourites such as Hugo Boss, Dior Addict 2 or Lancome Miracle.

Ok so a ten step process...I'm not vain...honest:)x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty purple polish!

Finally got a chance to use one of the Kiko nail colours. I fancied a little pop of colour this week and went for this. Great quality nail varnish was 2.5 euros and very easy to apply. Not too thin or thick, one coat was enough but out of habit I applied two. Since applying I haven't been able to stop staring at it:) x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My October glossy box is here!!!

Ok so firstly I'll explain what this post is all about for those who don't know what a Glossybox is.
Basically it is a company that produce a different beauty box with 5 products in, all from high end brands and post it out to you every month for £10 plus p&p.
I have read about these on numerous beauty blogs so had to give it a go! This beautiful parcel came through my door...

Inside...a gorgeous thick luxurious box.

Inside a beautifully wrapped parcel...almost too pretty....of course I ripped it open though...(it felt like Christmas)

Wow! Gorgeous products all pictured below. Products and either miniatures and often a full size product thrown in.

Ok so a little breakdown of what's in here..
1. Dermalogica Age Smart - Multivitamin Thermafoliant. (miniature)
2. Dermalogica Age Smart - Multivitamin Power Recover Masque (minature) and
3. Leighton and Denny Expert Nails (full size).
4. Stila waterproof eyeliner - moray (full size).
5. Robert Piguet 3 sample perfumes.

Extra little dermalogica bag thrown in as a 6th month milestone gift (not pictured). Bag contained a mini renewal lip complex.

So for my opinion -
Firstly I was very impressed. Dermalogica is a brand I have heard about for a long time now and have wanted to try so was very pleasantly surprised to receive 3 products in by them. Having literally used them straight away wow! What i wanted to make sure was that I actually used everything in this box rather than just putting them away for another day...knowing it never comes! The Thermafoliant had a gorgeous herbal smell and left my skin feeling so smooth, the masque that followed has left my skin feeling like a babys bum! There is enough product in here to use 2-3 times so will continue to finish before repurchasing in full size.
My next favourite is the Stila eyeliner which is worth £13. A beautiful olive colour with gold shimmers in. Absolutely gorgeous and I will most definitely be using this.
Perfume samples....I will use first before giving my opinion, they are all French and from a quick spritz I think fairly strong scents.
Lastly the nail varnish by Leighton and Denny, I was super impressed that this brand was included as it's worth £11. I have had their nail colour applied at a spa before so knew that it was a high end brand, only downside the colour isn't quite for me. Not sure if everybody received this colour so I'll be reading other blogs!.

All in all my lovelies this subscription is absolutely worth it! For £10 plus p&p I got my money's worth. I will be continuing with this and my sister has already decided to subscribe too. It's like christmas every month. I must add that you can cancel at any time which is great if you just fancy trying it, but I'm sure you will continue just as i am. x

For anybody interested check out

Monday, 17 October 2011

Must try Monday!

Well well you have seen this product before! Im afraid I haven't been giving it much love since purchasing. Very disappointed in myself as it is such a beautiful palette and great value for money. This is the £4 MUA palette from Superdrug in 'Heaven and Earth'. This week Monday to Friday I shall be using it everyday I promise! This will give me a chance to rediscover my love for it and hopefully try a few new looks out:). Happy Monday all.x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Heaven....on earth

No weekend would be complete without shopping and while I strolled around Leicester city centre I found myself in one of the prettiest shops I've ever seen. It reminded me why I started this blog...for my love of all things pretty. As I stepped inside...

The cutesy collection of books which I want to fill my own shelves with or buy as great gifts.

Cute little boxes, make up bags and trinkets.

Amazing one off vintage inspired pieces of jewellery.

Aww cute baby clothes!
All I can say is that this is an incredible shop and I couldn't stop looking at all the amazing treats in there. If your looking for something great and different for your home or buying a gift for somebody I most definitely recommend this shop.

They also sell a great range of cards which I much prefer to the usual high street ones.
Now your all wondering where exactly this little gem is...wonder no more my lovelies...

4 Carts Lane in Leicester city centre.
For any lovelies not able to get to the store they have an online store too:

I must add I was not asked to do this post in fact I approached the store owner and told her how much I loved it. Honest opinions as always. Beautiful place x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The verdict is out!

Love love love! This gorgeous thick creamy body butter has made a huge difference to my skin! It feels so soft and smooth:) I put it on after a shower before getting into my pyjamas and I do find that due to it's thick consistency I have to wait a while for it to soak into my skin. Usually because of that I find myself choosing more watery creams but thicker ones certainly do offer more moisture! Huge thumbs up, I'm yet to find a soap and glory product I don't like! Hope you are all having a great weekend x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Favourite!

You might be wondering why this is my Friday favourite as it looks a little boring like any other clutch. Well your wrong:)....its a Mulberry Ava with tree clutch and chain. I want I love I need! £415 so not cheap but is beautiful :) x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My's all natural:)

Now I've had a few weeks back from my holiday I'm getting to use my Kiko products and am loving! Wish I had bought more now:(
Anyway this beautiful blush that I was told was a mineral blush but I'm not too sure as it doesn't say so on the packaging is gorgeous! Shade - fancy coral although I'd say more on the pink side. Very smooth and highly pigmented with a fantastic colour pay off. Swatch below...

This gives you a very healthy glow and has a beautiful shimmer to it. I must stress shimmer not glitter. I have to be honest it takes a lot to impress me blush wise as I am such a huge fan of Nars products but this totally hits the spot. It was 13.50 euros so not cheap but cheaper than Nars products. Absolutely worth every penny. A close up.

2 shades of pink with gold shimmery particles.I usually sweep my brush across fully to get a beautiful mixed pink colour. The lighter pink is the illuminating part.
Kiko unfortunately isn't available in the UK, and they don't ship here either but here's hoping that all changes in the future.x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Urban Decays winner.

Yes yes I'm lightyears behind every other beauty blogger with this post. This beautiful urban decay palette is not new so this post certainly isn't hot off the press. Butttt it is my chance to voice my love and appreciation for this pallette.

Truly incredible! Each and every one of these shadows is smooth, highly pigmented and very easy to use. I use this palette to achieve most looks, I would also say that this is great on pretty much any skin tone. The cost....£35 very reasonable for the quality of shadows. You could probably ditch most of your collection in favour of this!
Swatch from left to right

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wow Bargain!

When I went to Boots at the weekend I saw a stand with this amazing offer on. This gorgeous Hugo Boss Orange gift set rrp £59.99 was available for £29.50! So of course I grabbed one and ran to the till as fast as my legs could carry me. This is an incredible offer and amazing for anybody who wears this perfume or wants to buy a great Christmas present. Inside is a 50ml edp, shower gel, body lotion, compact mirror and mini brush set. I'm actually going to use all the products this time as quite often I don't use the shower gels and creams but I've already put the cream in my handbag along with the mirror and mini brush kit for touch ups on the go. Huge thumbs up from me and I'll be looking out for future "offers" like this!x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Must try Monday!

Moisturise moisturise moisturise! The cold outside has made me desperately want to wrap up and look after myself a bit more. I always find in winter with all those long evenings in I've got more time to pamper myself. Winter can be very harsh on skin and especially on mine as it's very dry. I got this lovely tub of soap and glory butter a fair while ago as part of a big set for my birthday. It's just one of the many things I haven't got round to using. Butttt this Monday I shall:). And of course on Saturday will be delivering the verdict. Happy Monday all.x

Saturday, 8 October 2011

No7 voucher haul!

When you spend £5 at Boots you get a little voucher with £5 off No7. In my opinion a nice little reward...almost the feeling of receiving a present. Its quite good as it gives you the oppurtunity to try something that you wouldnt perhaps be prepared to pay full price for. I know that No7 doesn't appeal to everybody but I feel that it's because the packaging is quite simple and looks a little boring. However don't be fooled or put off by this as believe me the quality of their products can be outstanding! I have been using No7 since I was 15 ranging from foundations, eyeshadows to skin products. To be honest i now have a few firm favourites from there and usually use my vouchers to replace those. Above is a picture of my weekend voucher haul. Make up wipes, lipliner (favourite in blush), body microdermabrasion...absolutely incredible and lastly their pressed powder in candlelight. I love their powder and have used it for ten years! Yes that's right ten whole years, gorgeous formula, gives skin a soft fresh look and lasts ages! Anybody else get anything good using their No7 voucher?x

The verdict is out!

So my must try Monday product review is here. Right honest opinion is "not worth the money"! It took 3 applications to get my lashes as long as I would like, didn't thicken very well. It wasn't that "black" I've seen darker. The brush wasn't great at catching lower lashes and I struggled to last the whole week using it I'm afraid. So for 29 euros a big thumbs down. On the upside the packaging is beautiful but I wish I'd have gone for the YSL one I was umming and aahing about. Lancome is still number one. Has anyone tried any great mascaras as I am always on the hunt for a new one. x

Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Favourite

Today is more of a 'Favourites'! These are my 3 favourite perfumes in the entire world. I absolutely adore all 3 of them and have repurchased each many times. I love how perfume can just take you back to a time or place in an instant. I usually take a favourite on holiday so I always remember a beautiful sunny beach or a gorgeous day in new york city. Shown above are Hugo Boss Orange, Dior Addict 2 and Miracle by Lancome. I usually buy big bottles as they work out the most cost effective or put them on a birthday wish list:). What are your favourite perfumes and why?x

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nivea night cream

Being a big fan of nivea skin products I thought I'd give this product a whirl. I love the smell of very distinctive and comforting. This is a slightly fresher smell than the usual creams but lovely nonetheless. I'm only 26 but I dont believe it's ever too early to start using anti ageing products.
I used this continuously for 2 weeks instead of my usual favourite and I'm not sure?!?! It smelt lovely and felt nice on my skin but I'm not sure it makes any difference or that there is anything in particular that sets this apart from other night creams. Also I got a few random tiny White spots after using this but am not entirely sure if this cream caused it. An overall "I'm not sure". Ok ok nobody likes a fence sitter soooo thinking about it honestly I wouldn't re purchase so I guess we are edging towards a no. Apart from the cute pot and fresh smell I'm not loving it im afraid. x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Too Faced? In your dreams!

So I went Christmas shopping, yes this early!! I have lots of birthdays in November and December so i figure I might as well get it all done in one big go and be super organised. In my teenage years I worked for a large retailer and have no desire to be one of those crazy people rushing around grabbing the last gifts with no thought off the shelf. I love really thinking about what a person will like and spending time choosing it...then I get so excited about giving it to them. the point I found this beautiful palette and the packaging caught my eye immediately. So I pulled It out to find this below

A book...a thin pretty mirror shaped book with a tiny tab to pull open. The picture doesn't do this product justice but even the bars of the cage on this book are sparkley. So I opened....

Wow! Gorgeous colours. I saw, I swatched, I bought! I have had products by Two Faced before so was not worried about the quality.
So there lay before me were 3 beautiful rows of eyeshadow to give a natural, feminine and smoky eye. The blushers are all pretty and top 2 very wearable, the bottom one might be a little dark for my liking. My standout colour was the bottom row right hand colour in a navy blue 'Seduce'... perfect for under eye smoky look and I have been looking for one for ages but the ones I have found have been far too expensive for how often I will actually use it.

This palette is £31 and truly worth every penny. Theres not much in there I wouldn't use and I actually think I might finish some of these products which will be a first. I love love love and this is my little treat to myself in the run up to christmas. If your thinking of purchasing I would very quickly as I believe this will be a sellout product x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn Nails

I'm back off my last summer holiday of the year and we are currently enduring a heatwave with gorgeous weather...I'm not complaining! But but but I was fully ready for autumn upon my return and sorted out my huge nail polish collection! I have picked out all of my favourite darker colours and they are shown above. Lots of brands (I usually stick with high street brands I don't actually own any super expensive polishes but that's probably a good thing as I never ever finish a bottle).
My colours are mainly shades of dark plum, purples and greys!x

Monday, 3 October 2011

Must try Monday!

Ok all weeks start with good intentions:). I already have a Friday Favourite thing going on and now I'm starting a Must try Monday. This basically will be a product that I already have had for a while and don't use much or have just bought but I have to stick with for the whole week to review. I have so much make up and so many things to choose from I often find I only use things twice and they are forgotten. This weeks must try Monday product is this Helena Rubinsteins mascara 'Lash queen mascara -feline blacks'. I bought this at duty free in Spain. Have to say i love the packaging, im wary of huge amounts of leopard print but everybody needs a little in their life:) Review to follow!x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Soft soft soft...

It's no secret that I'm a lipbalm junkie so when I found this beauty in Kiko I had to have it of course!
So I have been using this since I had it (about a week) and have definitely noticed a difference. I no longer wake with dry lips they are soft and feel moisturised which makes morning lipstick application much easier. It was under 6 euros I think but can't remember exactly. I have decided I love their products and wish I'd have bought loads more :( they have an online store but only ship to Spain and Italy boo! If your lucky enough to go and find one of these stores abroad...go crazy you won't be left disappointed!x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A peek inside my carry around make up bag!

Ok girlies here's a little peek in to my daily carry around make up bag. I thought I would do this post as I've read things like this in magazines and watched other bloggers YouTube videos and loved them....I'm always curious to see what other make up people have!!!
Right the make up bag is one by fluff it's just a small barrel style bag thats wipe clean which is pretty handy and inside:-

*Terry Baume de Rose - for when my lips are feeling dry

*4 lipliners which may seem excessive but they are all different colours I promise! In there is Bourjois - Sienne Kiss (peachy), Maybelline - Sweet Pink, No7 in blush (raspberry) and No7 - nude. I use whichever takes my fancy although im leaning more towards the blush these days, im loving bright lips at the moment and neutral eyes for work.

Lipsticks include my 2 favourites Dior Addict in Singuliere (has a beautiful sheen to it) and NARS Roman Holiday (gives a more solid pink colour) I usually do use lipgloss on top.

Lip glosses - NARS in Super Orgasm, Sweet Revenge and Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink.

Concealer Maybelline Super Stay 24h, I use this under my eyes and for any random blemishes that may appear.

Blusher - NARS in Deep Throat.

Mascara - Chanel in deep black it is a sample of 'Sublime' that I got given when buying some eyeshadow.

Lastly a few little essentials like my ruby and millie blusher brush, hair clips for a quiff on the go,bobbles and grips.

Lots of these products deserve a review on their own and may well get one in the future but for now just a little mention here! What's in your make up bag?x