Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Favourite

This Fridays favourite is something I own and truly love!
Ok so I know my last few lists are all Kiko but I can't stop raving about these amazing beauties. I wore this shadow as soon as I bought it in Spain. Photo below.

Ok how I did this:
All usual make up applied.
1. Used bobbi brown eyeshadow in banana all over lid for even colour right upto brow bone.
2. Applied Urban Decay half baked on lid.
3. Used Urban Decay smog in crease and top of lid.
4. Used Kiko shadow in crease at outer corner to give the darker effect you can see.
5. Also used Kiko shadow under eyes, just smudged a little under eye for a soft smokey look.
6. Eyeliner at top slightly winged - collection 2000 (liquid).
7. Kohl liner on lower lash line Kiko glamourous eye pencil.
8. Mascara - Lancome Doll Eyes.

I can see myself using this eyeshadow for a long time x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

KIKO Cosmetics

Ok ok I went to the sunny Costa Del Sol for some sun sea and sand....and only I could stumble across this shop and find myself in beauty heaven!!
Rows and rows of pretty little polishes, eyeshadows, lipstick, blushers...everything!

You name it they had it! Here above is a picture of my haul and boy am I impressed with not only the quality but the prices too. The most expensive item was the mineral blush about 14 euros and the rest all under 10, polishes only 2.50 euros. Bargain!!
I picked 2 beautiful brown eye shadows, one very smooth and shimmery and the other packed with glitter particles that are just the right size...not too big so that you look like you have raided a little girls make up box. I actually wore that one straight away that evening along with the black shimmery glam eye pencil and was very impressed.
Other items include a lipliner, mineral blush which very much reminds me of a Nars style product with their finish, a mascara which I'm told is "blacker than black" I'll have to let you know about that:), black kohl pencil and some pretty nail colours perfect for me to embrace autumn upon my return!
All in all I very much enjoyed my holiday, feel relaxed and ready for autumn/winter and my new purchases will help me along the way:)x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Duty Free Diva!

Well a holiday wouldn't be a holiday without a little duty free indulgence right:)?!
The following items were bought from UK side duty free and a day trip to Gibraltar. The gorgeous DKNY White watch is me clinging on to that last bit of summer, the other bits...make up of course...lippies and eyeliner. Its my first Chanel lipstick so here goes! Reviews to follow.x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Perfect French

Nails nails nails! I'm mad on them as are most girls:) I get mine done regularly from a local chinese salon and love them. Mine are gel nails and i mostly get them done as a french manicure. I like how having them automatically makes you feel more glam not to mention well groomed. FYI I hate chipped nails be them French or colours!!!
I like having French in the summer or before a holiday as they never clash with any outfits:)
What's your favourite nail look?x

Friday, 16 September 2011

What the blush?!-Deep Throat!

Ok clearly I have a Space.NK addiction and you know what...I dont want to cure it:) Another weekend...another blusher. As you all know from a previous post my favourite blusher is Nars Orgasm...however with my new Chanel eyeshadow smokey and pink cheeks just wasn't working! I needed a whole peachy I trotted and tried on this beautiful blush called "Deep Throat". Its a gorgeous peach with a hint on pink so all in all a beautiful fresh look. Nars blushers all give great colour payoff and give that flawless "look at my beautiful skin" finish! Colour swatch below.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chanel paradoxal dupe!

As soon as I heard about this Chanel dupe (which has been around for a while...I was clearly slow off the mark:) ) I rushed out to buy it. It's a nail paint by Barry M called 'Dusky Mauve'. It's a beautiful purpley grey kind of colour. And shines different shades in different lights. For me it's the perfect autumn colour not too light not too dark! And best of all a steal at only £2.99. Applies very nicely and I found great coverage with just one coat, I still did 2 though out if habit! A definite "need" for every girl who loves nail colours x

How different it looks with different background colours and lights.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lazy blogger

Lazy blogger...that's moi! I'm afraid I've been super busy and excited about an upcoming holiday hence the above photo! The was taken on a beautiful evening in Italy earlier in the year. Just because I've been busy doesn't mean I havent been buying lots of make up:) I just haven't haven't had chance to blog about it...but I will!
I'll be doing a few posts on holiday make up essentials, great travel products and "what's in my beach bag" so be sure to look out for those! And tomorrow the perfect Autumn nail colour a Chanel dupe!!!x

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Favourite!

One word...Beautiful!!! Yes a clearly have a Mulberry addiction and do not want it cured. This beauty is a bayswater bag in 'Birds Nest Croc Nappa Leather' at £875!! Most definitely on my lust list. Have a great weekend x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Too much information?!

This post is a little's not quite about beauty but it kind of is in a way. It's about body image/beauty/weight and the way we perceive ourselves. As you can see I love reading magazines...I need the latest bag, eyeshadow, lipgloss!!!...I make the crazy impulse purchase hoping to achieve what exactly?! Does it make me happy...yes for 5 minutes then on to the next.
I'm not even entirely sure where I'm going with this strange rambling other than even I who writes this beauty blog as it is a huge passion wish I could stop obsessing about looks, weight and the rest of it as there really is more to life. All you see in magazines are gorgeous thin women with not even a hair out of place so no wonder it drives us all a little crazy.
Ok I'll stop now as its getting a little profound and this is a fun beauty blog to just share tips...guess I'm putting out there that I'm a normal girl too who every once in a while let's the constant media projected images of "what is beautiful" get to me. I say enjoy it, have fun with it but remember it's not the be all and end all in life x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vitamin C Radiance capsules

Well well look at these little capsules filled with radiant goodness:) These are The Body Shops answer to dull and lifeless skin!
As soon as I hear the words glow, fresh and radiant I'm sold so of course I was a complete sucker for these.

Inside this little pot are small capsules that you open and spread the serum inside on your face at night after you have cleansed. They feel like bath pearls in case you were wondering and often squirt out on the same manner so careful of those peepers...ouch! On the jar it says to "Smooth and revive skin appearance".

The verdict. A big no from me. Not worth the money around £12. I didn't see any difference, they weren't moisturising enough and my skin didn't feel any smoother. Sorry guys this one gets a big thumbs down from me :( x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Foundation - flawless finish

I've been asked to do a post on foundation and am more than happy to oblige:). A flawless base to work on is a huge must when starting to create any beauty look. Foundation can be tricky to find as we all look for different things when choosing one. I always think if your serious about wanting a new foundation then write a list of things you want from it, don't just head down to any store and be bullied into buying something your unsure of as it's an expensive mistake. As an idea my personal needs for a foundation are:
1. Consistency - thin (I don't like a heavy caked look).
2. Good coverage - I am fortunate to have clear skin but good coverage allows for an even tone finish.
3. Perfect colour - this is huge, having Asian skin it is very easy to wear one too light and look grey or too dark and look like I need a wash?!
4. Luminous finish - I like that fresh bright dewy look as opposed to a matte finish, this may be due to my dry skin type.

Price wise my foundations are between £20 to £30. I know that's not cheap but I honestly dont feel the cheaper brands offer a good enough dupe to the higher end brands such as Chanel, Dior and Lancome etc.
My favourite foundation is the one pictured above by Lancome called Teint Miracle. I wear number 3 Beige Daphne. This foundation ticks all the boxes for me and suits my skin type perfectly. This literally just glides on to give such a smooth even finish i honestly doubt i would change! I always apply foundation with my fingers I really believe it's the best for even coverage, I detest sponges and I'm not too keen on brushes either. I do always set foundation with a powder which will feature in a future post. Soooo I hope this post has been useful and fun of course:) The other thing is remember you may need a darker foundation in the summer as your going to tan in the sun. If your lucky enough to have fab skin then don't wear any:)
Swatch below.
1. Before blending
This does look light but after application and blending looks like a fresh second skin.

2. After blending

Fresh and more even in tone.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nars "Roman Holiday"

This beautiful lipstick was a recent purchase from Space.NK I have been looking for a pink/nude colour. This nailed it! I love nude lipsticks but honestly on asian skin can look very washed out or as though you have no lips!! This has a slight pink sheen to it but is not as bright as it appears in the picture. I like wearing this lipstick with smokey eyes when they are the focus. Never do eyes and lips's a overkill!! When wearing light lipstick make sure your lips are smooth and most certainly not chapped and this colour is not forgiving. I will be reviewing a fab lip scrub in a future post. This lipstick was £17.50 and worth every penny x Swatch below.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Favourite!

I need this shirt! It's cheaper than my usual Friday Favourite and I need to get my hands on it. Id wear this with very dark indigo wash skinny jeans, chunky gold watch, heels and flawless make up. A super chic outfit:). This is from River Island £30 x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Terry Baume De Rose.

Being the hugest Carmex junkie in the world I have been looking for an alternative for more than just a while!!! While browsing in Space.NK and trying on some lippies I wanted to try something new to soften my lips before lipstick application...nothing worse than lipstick on dry chapped lips...yuk!!
This beauty is incredible. It is soft and comes in a lipgloss style packaging. The wand allows you to apply it as a gloss before and after lipstick or even on it's own. It gives you the softest lips ever and not that crazy "crackhead" need for constant reapplication. I do reapply throughout the day but nothing like a normal lipbalm. The pricetag is hefty at £32 for a "lipbalm" but believe me is well worth the pennies. It has transformed my life lol;). I hear they often do Christmas limited edition products...I will most certainly be looking out for them this year. x