Thursday, 17 November 2011

Every girl needs some Chanel....right?!:)

This little beauty was bought on my way to sunny Spain in duty free. My very first Chanel lipstick...I'm sorry I can't remember the price.
Rouge coco shine.
The colour is number 57 Aventure

Swatch below

A beautiful soft pink with flecks of gold...I mean so subtle and you can't feel them so they certainly aren't glitter particles. This reminds me very much of my favourite Dior lipstick in Singuleire. It is very soft and creamy in texture, it gives more of a sheen style colour but I'd say this is more solid than the Dior one. Also the flecks of gold make this super pretty. I love this, have to say I haven't worn it much yet but I will be putting this one in my handbag. Every girl needs a bit of Chanel right?!


  1. i love chanel make-up :) good to know what you think.... the color is so pretty i may just get it. :) thanks for sharing. great blog! following.

  2. Aww thankyou jasmine. I love Chanel make up too it's such great quality and seems to last a long time too. The colour is great...u should def get it:) x