Friday, 2 March 2012

Bare Minerals Haul

Okay I might be a little late jumping on the bare minerals bandwagon but boyyyyyy have I been missing out. After reading countless reviews and umming and aahing over the beauty counters I knew I finally needed these in my life! So it's 5pm...Sunday afternoon....what's a girl to do??...Internet shopping of course!
One thing I love about Internet shopping is it gives me the chance to think purchases through before I pay, also no feeling obliged by the counter assistants but most importantly...easy to shop around to get the best prices! Money saved = more money for more make up :)
The site I found Bare Minerals crazy discounted and plenty of other brands (I had to be restrained) was Chemist Direct.
So not just an online pharmacy...more like a treasure trove for us beauty bargain hunters...we are talking OPI, Le Roche Posay, Burts Bees and so much more!
So click click click and I bought Illuminating mineral veil and these gorgeous 2 eyeshadows below.

Queen Phyllis

True Gold

These beautiful shades will no doubt be my summer "go to" colours.
Best of all my delivery was with me on Tuesday!!!! I'm an impatient girl when it comes to make up so this fared well with me:) Reviews to follow and photos!
I also picked up a few OPI colours...I'll be sharing those with you in another post x


  1. Great post, haven't tried any Bare Minerals yet, but been wanting too, will check out that site! xx

  2. Hey Sophie yes definitely do, I can't believe I lived without mineral veil for this long, gives such a great fresh look. When you do send me a link of your post x

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  4. Hi Sophie,
    I see you mention Chemist Direct in your post. Could you please link to us: so that your readers can find more information about the product?

    Thank you,