Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Too Faced? In your dreams!

So I went Christmas shopping, yes this early!! I have lots of birthdays in November and December so i figure I might as well get it all done in one big go and be super organised. In my teenage years I worked for a large retailer and have no desire to be one of those crazy people rushing around grabbing the last gifts with no thought off the shelf. I love really thinking about what a person will like and spending time choosing it...then I get so excited about giving it to them. the point I found this beautiful palette and the packaging caught my eye immediately. So I pulled It out to find this below

A book...a thin pretty mirror shaped book with a tiny tab to pull open. The picture doesn't do this product justice but even the bars of the cage on this book are sparkley. So I opened....

Wow! Gorgeous colours. I saw, I swatched, I bought! I have had products by Two Faced before so was not worried about the quality.
So there lay before me were 3 beautiful rows of eyeshadow to give a natural, feminine and smoky eye. The blushers are all pretty and top 2 very wearable, the bottom one might be a little dark for my liking. My standout colour was the bottom row right hand colour in a navy blue 'Seduce'... perfect for under eye smoky look and I have been looking for one for ages but the ones I have found have been far too expensive for how often I will actually use it.

This palette is £31 and truly worth every penny. Theres not much in there I wouldn't use and I actually think I might finish some of these products which will be a first. I love love love and this is my little treat to myself in the run up to christmas. If your thinking of purchasing I would very quickly as I believe this will be a sellout product x

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