Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nivea night cream

Being a big fan of nivea skin products I thought I'd give this product a whirl. I love the smell of very distinctive and comforting. This is a slightly fresher smell than the usual creams but lovely nonetheless. I'm only 26 but I dont believe it's ever too early to start using anti ageing products.
I used this continuously for 2 weeks instead of my usual favourite and I'm not sure?!?! It smelt lovely and felt nice on my skin but I'm not sure it makes any difference or that there is anything in particular that sets this apart from other night creams. Also I got a few random tiny White spots after using this but am not entirely sure if this cream caused it. An overall "I'm not sure". Ok ok nobody likes a fence sitter soooo thinking about it honestly I wouldn't re purchase so I guess we are edging towards a no. Apart from the cute pot and fresh smell I'm not loving it im afraid. x

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