Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My October glossy box is here!!!

Ok so firstly I'll explain what this post is all about for those who don't know what a Glossybox is.
Basically it is a company that produce a different beauty box with 5 products in, all from high end brands and post it out to you every month for £10 plus p&p.
I have read about these on numerous beauty blogs so had to give it a go! This beautiful parcel came through my door...

Inside...a gorgeous thick luxurious box.

Inside a beautifully wrapped parcel...almost too pretty....of course I ripped it open though...(it felt like Christmas)

Wow! Gorgeous products all pictured below. Products and either miniatures and often a full size product thrown in.

Ok so a little breakdown of what's in here..
1. Dermalogica Age Smart - Multivitamin Thermafoliant. (miniature)
2. Dermalogica Age Smart - Multivitamin Power Recover Masque (minature) and
3. Leighton and Denny Expert Nails (full size).
4. Stila waterproof eyeliner - moray (full size).
5. Robert Piguet 3 sample perfumes.

Extra little dermalogica bag thrown in as a 6th month milestone gift (not pictured). Bag contained a mini renewal lip complex.

So for my opinion -
Firstly I was very impressed. Dermalogica is a brand I have heard about for a long time now and have wanted to try so was very pleasantly surprised to receive 3 products in by them. Having literally used them straight away wow! What i wanted to make sure was that I actually used everything in this box rather than just putting them away for another day...knowing it never comes! The Thermafoliant had a gorgeous herbal smell and left my skin feeling so smooth, the masque that followed has left my skin feeling like a babys bum! There is enough product in here to use 2-3 times so will continue to finish before repurchasing in full size.
My next favourite is the Stila eyeliner which is worth £13. A beautiful olive colour with gold shimmers in. Absolutely gorgeous and I will most definitely be using this.
Perfume samples....I will use first before giving my opinion, they are all French and from a quick spritz I think fairly strong scents.
Lastly the nail varnish by Leighton and Denny, I was super impressed that this brand was included as it's worth £11. I have had their nail colour applied at a spa before so knew that it was a high end brand, only downside the colour isn't quite for me. Not sure if everybody received this colour so I'll be reading other blogs!.

All in all my lovelies this subscription is absolutely worth it! For £10 plus p&p I got my money's worth. I will be continuing with this and my sister has already decided to subscribe too. It's like christmas every month. I must add that you can cancel at any time which is great if you just fancy trying it, but I'm sure you will continue just as i am. x

For anybody interested check out

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