Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pre party preperations!

Right it's getting colder and darker it's time to get glam for all those parties coming up! I always find that a week before any big event be it a birthday, wedding or night out with the ladies I like to prepare for it. I hate hate hate hate rushing around, feeling fat when I try on my outfit that night or not having the perfect jewellery. So I try and follow the steps below beginning around 5 days before to feel my absolute best!

1. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! - I can't stress the importance of exfoliation enough, it gets that blood pumping round you and sloughs away any dead skin to reveal fresh shiny skin:) I find it particularly important on legs to prevent ingrown hairs and backs of arms that tend to get those random red bumps Grrrrr!

2. Facial Microdermabrasion - this is a treatment available in many beauty salons. I have had a full crystal clear facial which is basically microdermabrasion using a machine, a mask and eye pads. I personally found it too harsh on my skin and did leave with a few scratches. I find home microdermabrasion products much better and my particular favourite is No7's. This will be featured in a future post for sure as its a great product.

3. Moisturise lots!!! I find my skin during the colder months gets very dry and flaky especially on my face so I use thick body butter from the body shop 3 nights the week before an event. The other nights I use Avons Anew luminosity serum (mentioned in a previous post) as it smooths skin and evens the tone.

4. Nails - I quite often time my appointments for my gel nails to be infilled as close to an event as possible as the shinier and newer the better!

5. Pedicure - Just because it's winter doesn't mean those tootsies don't need love! Even though I literally only have my feet on show in heels at parties I do make sure I do a pedicure regularly all winter.

6. Outfit - plan the outfit I'm going to wear beforehand and give myself 2 choices, then make the final decision the night before.

7. Jewellery can make or break an outfit. Does it need to be dainty? Pretty? Chunky? Gold? Silver? Not both major faux pax to mix gold and silver in my humble opinion.

8. Heels - always heels too I must add. For me the higher the better and I'll be honest even though I own a million pairs the majority are black.

9. Handbag - being an absolute handbag lover I never go anywhere without one! I know some women do but for me it completes my outfit! I feel naked without where do they put their stuff?!!! Ok so is a clutch going to work? Side bag? Tote? Pick carefully and remember choose wisely as your going to be holding it alllll night.

10. MAKE UP- The best bit! I like to think a look through before i actually do it, so usually I'll consider what I'm wearing and how my make up needs to be.
Am I going for dramatic eyes? Bold lip? Very natural? I focus on one area and try to keep the others minimal....too much make up and you look like a tranny. So I don't go for falsies, blush and bold lip on one catch my drift. So I pick my cosmetic pieces out and lay them out ready for me to apply (a few hours before doing my face) to make the whole process easier. I keep cotton buds handy, make up wipes and extra eyelash glue.
Hair - I do after my make up - either straight or curled using a fab curling wand! My motto the bigger the better. Hair icons - Cheryl cole and Kim Kardashian.
Perfume - I usually wear one of my favourites such as Hugo Boss, Dior Addict 2 or Lancome Miracle.

Ok so a ten step process...I'm not vain...honest:)x

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