Thursday, 16 February 2012

My new love - Mac Prep & Prime

Ok so I picked up this primer on a whim when I was literally running past mac in the snow. I actually had no intention of buying it, I went in for a lipstick and mini mac fix +. Anyway I had all intentions of buying the clarins primer...which I did (review to follow) and asked if mac had a primer.
So firstly I love the packaging it's a glittery box. Inside a little bottle with a pump dispenser. I read mixed reviews about this but now its time for my opinion.
I love it!!!! It gives a gorgeous smooth velvety finish to your skin, perfect for foundation application. It's a dewy finish too so looks very fresh and pretty. I'm not keen on anything mattifying as its too doll like for me. If you have oily skin id steer away from this but for dry - normal it's a winner.
If your looking for a new primer then don't hesitate to buy this x

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