Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Carmine February Box

Ah my Carmine box has arrived and of course as always i stood there shaking it till it finally opened:) Wow Wow Wow! So very impressed with this months contents and very cheered up after the disappointment of this months GlossyBox.

Ok a break down of the contents...

Steamcream - (Full size) This is most definitely my favourite product! I see these all the time in Boots and wonder whether to buy them or not, the tins are so so cute and they retail at around £10. I am super pleased with this and it will now be a firm addition to my handbag.
Andrea Fullerton Nail Colour - (Full size) I got a creamy nude colour which is pretty, not sure its quite me but its still nice.
Balance Me Rose Otto Bodywash - Always nice to have new shower gels to try.
Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick - (Mini) I received a coral colour which ill give a go during the summer months.
White Glow Toothpaste - (Mini) Perfect for weekends away or a weeks holiday so gratefully received.
Also a fragrance sample thrown in - Yardley Peony Fragrance.
I love this months box, Carmine never fails which is pretty amazing as there are usually plenty of grumbles about other boxes *cough cough GlossyBox. I think all beauty box companies need to listen to their subscribers as there is so many different boxes out there and its so easy to unsubscribe.
Anyway i cant say ive ever considered unsubscribing to Carmine i love it and happily reccomend it to if your umming and aaahing then dont...Subscribe Now!!!x

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  1. Still waiting on my box to arrive :(