Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Glossybox - February

Ah look what landed on my doormat today?? My February Glossybox!
Ok so i ripped it open and was so excited as the last 2 boxes have been so incredible. And out fell these ever so slightly small/boring products:(
Super disappointed to be honest, there was nothing that wowed me and nothing that i "cant wait to try".

Ok a list
1. Paul Mitchell Liquid Curl Definer
2. BM Beauty Eyeshadow - Storm
3. Como Shambhala - Invigorate Body Lotion (promising to put you in an uplifting mood)
4. Dr Bronner - Magic Liquid Soap
5. Duwop Venom Gloss

So the little eyeshadow pot, now normally i don't mind loose eyeshadows but since I've had a new cream carpet and pure white bedding im avoiding these devil pots!
So just for you guys i carefully swatched it. It took ages to build up any colour on my hand, however once done it was an okay colour and super shimmery.
Not a colour ill be using to be honest.
All in all im not overly pleased with this box and hopefully next months will be better. My Carmine box should be arriving soon so fingers crossed.x


  1. Wow what a disappointing box! I've seen a few others which included brands like Becca. This is why I unsubbed to Glossy, I just don't feel the money spent on their boxes is justified! Hope you get at least some use out of these products hun xx

  2. i got my Glossybox today,mines bit different from yours! i got hair oil-not gonna use, hand sanitizing spray, the same make has your'e body lotion but a shower gel, a eye-shadow & my favorite a lip tint from Becca . i was disappointed like your self :( hmm don't know if i'm going to carry on for next months

  3. Yes I agree, the problem is they are a bit hit and miss. Christmas and valentines were fab but no consistency. Roll on February's carmine box x

  4. Hey, I'm not sure either:s I always think that the month I unsubscribe will be a great one though!! If you find another box that's better be sure to let me know. My current subscriptions are to Glossybox and Carmine...considering Feel Unique x