Thursday, 23 February 2012

Beauty Box Build Up

Every month i receive 2 beauty boxes from Carmine and Glossybox. Im always excited by this...brightens up the day and i think everyone loves discovering something new and fun to use...especially us crazed beauty bloggers.
Buuutttt im getting a slight build up of products, I've been pretty good and using everything up lately but I've got a carmine box now bursting with things that need to be reviewed. As much fun as it is to delve in there every once in a while and discover something i cant help but feeling...if i really wanted to use it...i would have!
Ill be continuing with 2 subscriptions...but i may be switching one. Im not sure which one yet but after this month i might give GlossyBox the chop and go for Feel Unique instead.x


  1. Feel Unique have stopped their beauty box :(

    There's so many boxes on the market these days. I think there is another one being released this month/in March. x

  2. Oh no:( guess ill be with Glossybox a bit longer. what other boxes are out there?x

  3. There's a new box starting called She Said Beauty. I haven't signed up to it as I want to see what the first box is like first :) x

  4. Ah thanks for that, just looked at their website and the first box is sold out:( I've got 2 subscriptions at the moment which doesn't seem alot but i keep thinking gosh that's at least £240 a year!xxx