Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Years Resolutions 2014

Hi ladies, this time of year soon creeps round again! I always feel that after christmas when we are in the "in between stage" i always look back at last years resolutions and look forward to my next years. Ok so last years was to stop reading the newspaper. Now I know some people are reading this thinking what?! I can see where your coming from as I need to know world current affairs but ask yourself do you really need to know all the bad things? All the crime? Read all the things that make you wonder what the world is coming to? My answer is No. If it's big enough I'll hear about it, if it's things that are going to make me feel bad day in day out after reading them...then I won't. So this year I haven't so much as touched a newspaper!

Next years resolutions. Now being a beauty blogger I have like the rest of you I'm sure accumulated ALOT of products and I'm getting to the point where no storage solution will solve this serious overspill. So I'm starting small and am going to use up all bath/body products. I can't commit to beauty as let's face it that just won't happen.

Secondly save every £2 coin and 50p. You won't feel it but you will make a reasonable saving.

Also I've downloaded an app called the gratitude app, everyday just write down a couple of things your grateful for and you really will see how much you have in life rather than worrying about what you don't.

Below are a few images I found on Pinterest that we could all do with following...

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