Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Speed up!

Im always in a rush in the morning! While trying to be one of those super serene ladies who float out of bed in the a spot of yoga and eat porridge i realise that will just never quite be me.
Im more a "damn lets get this done in 20 minutes" kinda girl:)
So recognising this i do lots of things the night before to make my morning easier - pick my outfit and accessories, make lunch if needed and most importantly ive been making changes to my make up storage to make things faster. While i love applying make up slowly for an evening out i realise that in the morning it requires speed and military precision to get that polished look in 20 minutes:)
I got a cute little mug in this vintage inspired printed Cath Kidston tin.

Inside all my lipsticks...i never know which shade i want till the day so rather than rummage around in make up bags and boxes they are all here, quick simple and easy to find.

Im also considering some muji storage..haven't quite decided yet. Anyone else do anything to speed up their make up routine?x


  1. ooh that pot is so cute! I really want some muji lipstick storage! If you want a cheaper alternative (it's not quite the same but oh well) I use a pill holder with the flaps cut off which pretty much does the same job! You can get them in poundland! :D

  2. I love this pot. Just found sold cute jars in next too x