Thursday, 22 March 2012

Carmine is no more....

Ok ladies I'm sure most of you know about this but for those who don't I'll fill you in. Carmine are no more...
All subscribers received an email saying "Glossybox and Carmine are joining forces"! My initial thoughts...what?!?!!! Many fellow beauty bloggers were unhappy with this, myself included. While I subscribe to both I feel that Carmine has the edge. I hope Glossybox improve their boxes now rather than be as hit and miss as they have of late.
I'm now on the hunt for a new subscription. Hmmm decisions. I read this article
The product buying director from carmine is moving to she said beauty...this makes me happy! I'm thinking for me it's between this box and jolie...but after reading this news I'm up for giving she said beauty a go!
What are other carmine subscribers doing?x

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