Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New favourite lip combo.

Hey my lovelies, I'm sticking to my new blogging schedule! Whoop....let's see how long it lasts :) Okay a new favourite lip combo, these are 2 products I'm reaching for at least a few times a week so it's definitely time to share them with you.

Soap & Glory Lipstick "The Missing Pink".
Dior Creme De Rose lipbalm.

I've read a few blog posts about this Soap & Glory lipstick with my favourite one being from Le Beauty Girl so be sure to check out her blog. This also turned up in FleurdeForces November Favourites and I'm an absolute sucker for the products she recommends as they are genuinely all amazing.

Miss Glamorazzi has raved about this Dior lipbalm and it's around £20 so most definitely the higher end of the lipbalm scale. I got this for Christmas and absolutely love it. Now I use these together as I love the lipstick colour but definitely feel it needs something over it to give it a glossier softer finish therefore pair these together.i wouldn't say the lipstick is drying however it's not as soft and creamy as the lipsticks I usually enjoy wearing.


A close up of the balm, a beautiful pink colour in the pot but clear when on the lips. The packaging is also beautiful it's quite heavy and feels great quality.

A huge thumbs up to both of these products that haven't left my handbag in a while!

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