Sunday, 26 January 2014

Japonesque Brow Beauty

Hi ladies today we are talking brows! Until recently I did nothing to my eyebrows apart from the usual plucking...because if I didn't...well that's a whole other story! So Cara Delvigne brought the strong brow into fashion absolutely ages ago and while she rocks that look amazingly there was no way I was going down the big brow root. Then theres the filling in of brow type thing that everyone does. What to use? Pencil? Felt-tip style thing? Powder? The lists are endless and I genuinely didn't have a clue! However Japonesque kindly sent me their brow kit probably about a year ago and it's only just worked it's way into my daily routine. This is so easy to use and as long as your light landed you won't look like something off a trashy reality show! My eyebrow hair is dark but thin so I just wanted to fill them into look naturally a bit thicker and darker....nothing major just something to frame my face a little better.

It comes in teeny tiny small packaging.

I use the angled brush with the lighter colour and sweep it through each brow gently. Then brush through with the brow grooming brush.

Excuse my well loved product.

The two colours.

Top photo is before.
Middle using lighter brown.
Bottom using dark brown.

As you can see they both give a natural finish which is so important to me, my personal favourite for daytime wear is the middle as my hair is a dark brown at the moment.

Anyone use anything else on their brows that is amazing? Tweet me @iz222

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