Friday, 10 January 2014

My Vanity Area

Hi my lovelies! Today I'm giving you a a sneak peak at my vanity area. I love posts like this so for anyone else that does then read on. My room is the 'box room' of the house so maximising storage is key. The drawers I use here store the majority of my most used make up and are from the 'Moppe' range at IKEA. I have done a previous post on spray painting and lining these drawers so feel free to take a look back at that.

A closer look at the items.

This is a beautiful vintage tray given to me by my mum, I literally adore this. I'm a sucker for all things vintage and this just fits the theme of my room perfectly. On top I store a few foundations and primers. And in the lipstick holders are my YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks, these have to be in here as they are the just stunning. There's a little Tarte Marajuca oil and Vichy Eyes & Lashes serum I'm trying out.

I bought 2 mini candle holders, one has Tarte Lip Crayons and the other Tarte lipglosses.

Another vintage piece given to me by mum is a crystal pot.

I store my brushes in a faux box book, i prefer this to using jars like most bloggers as I hate the idea of dust falling on them and being transferred to my face especially as I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning them.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and if anyone has any requests then leave me a comment or tweet me @iz222

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