Monday, 14 October 2013

Leicester Beauty Blogger Meetup Goodie Bag.

Hi ladies! This is absolutely an overdue blog post. I'll start my by saying a big thankyou to Hareem for organising such a fun and lovely meeting.
We were all given an amazing goodie bag which just had so many fab things in it would have taken forever to photograph individually so I'm sharing big messy photos instead.

Within our humongous bag dermaV10 were lovely and presented us with a mini goody bag.

Skincare heaven! I can't wait to get started on these. I'll be using this mascara all week and review.

Wow! Just look at those gorgeous products! There is BB creams, mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadows and the list goes on.

I won a prize too! I love Neals Yard, these will definitely get used over the colder months. I absolutely love English Lavender, it is such a relaxing smell.

Beautiful eyeshadow by Smooch, this reminds me instantly of the Nars duos.

A very cute little package put together for us with our names on, I found this the cutest touch.

The colours.

A few Accessorize goodies.

I am plowing my way through these products so I can give you some in depth reviews. I've given my sister and mum a few so I can get back to you all quicker. Hope you are all well ladies x

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  1. I agree. The goodie bags were amazing. xx