Friday, 6 January 2012

Rehab for my hair!

A while ago i did a post on how hair crazy i am right now. My hair gets put through its paces, its coloured, gets curled, backcombed, straightened. You name it im doing it. And it now needs some serious tlc. I bought these about a month ago and have been using as my regular shampoo. They are amazing, they are now standing the test of time...not just giving me that 'One time' amazing feel, it literally is softer, healthier and shiny after every wash. Also something interesting i thought was that the conditioner is a milk and you would never believe it would manage to do anything to hair but believe me it does! These were £13.50 a bottle so definitely more than your average shampoo but worth every single penny.

I always think that apart from your usual shampoo if you have long hair it needs a really deep conditioning treatment once a week. So i mentioned in a previous post i bought this beautiful little moroccon oil set, after using the oil itself and literally falling in love i had to try the shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner. They are all fab, the shampoo and conditioners really give my hair an amazing feel. However I do think they are all quite thick luxurious products possibly a bit too much for everyday use so i might finish off this mini set and then replace it with another as i think id have the big bottles in my bathroom forever. This set was £33.75 so worth every penny:) Have a great weekend all. I've got nails, hair and a massage booked so its definitely a beauty weekend for me. x


  1. I have been looking at Kerastase for my coloured hair! seems pricey but apparently worth it! im torn between that and Ojon....hmmm! really must try moroccan oil! x

  2. hayley you certainly wont be dissapointed with kerastase and moroccon oil is just incredible x