Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Favourites!

Im quite the magpie at the moment, im hunting out all gold shiny things to buy:) Im going through a bit of a 'gold jewellery' phase at the moment and here are some of my finds online. To be honest i thought id be about 93 before i ever looked a gold stuff but clearly i was wrong.... This handmade jewellery is made by Farah and is available on her website. The 2 pieces i fell in love with immediately and have ordered are La Perla Bracelet

This is made using genuine mother of pearl square beads and using small cable 16k gold plated chains over brass. And best of all tarnish resistant! price £14. La Corde

This is also made with 16k gold plated over brass chain. The crystal used is also genuine Swarovski Cosmic Crystal. Price £15. So ladies if you love good quality and fairly priced jewels id head over to that sight pronto....happy friday.x

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  1. Gorgeous jewellery, especially that bracelet! xx