Thursday, 12 January 2012

Perfume Gift Sets!

Some more of my gorgeous birthday presents, i mentioned i got some perfume gift sets and here they are... I have had all of these before so i was super pleased to receive them as i love all of them! Versace Bright Crystal...this to me is Spring in a bottle, its so clean, fresh and pretty smelling (if that makes sense). Whenever i wear this i always get lots of lovely compliments.

Hugo Boss Orange. Any of my regular blog readers know my love for this perfume. Its a lovely warm, comforting smell. Its one of those that lasts on your clothes and scarfs and you love catching the smell of it on them.

Lacoste Touch of Pink is the ultimate sweetie smelling perfume for any girlie girl. I used to wear this when i was at uni so about 7 years ago and it literally takes me back to my younger for me....nostalgia in a bottle.

I was very lucky to receive all these so a big thankyou:) I will be good this time too and use the creams up, im pretty good at putting them in a box somewhere and just forgetting about them. I have to say i know that many people just wear one perfume as their signature scent which i think is great but i like a bit of variation....with perfume make up and everything else:)x


  1. Great gifts! Bright Crystal is one of my favorite scents I love that stuff...I haven't tried the other ones but they look like they smell wonderful... enjoy..

  2. Aww thankyou you should def smell them when you get chance, x

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