Sunday, 8 January 2012

Beauty Bargain! - Lipsy Palette

Going in to Boots for just 'One Thing' never quite happens does it ladies? Well not for me anyway. As soon as i walked in im greeted by the christmas sales aisle and all the pretty shiny HALF PRICE make up:) I was determined to resist...but as you can see...i couldnt. This palette was down from £8 to £4. Lipsy is known as a fashion brand so i wasnt too sure how their make up would turn out to be but at £4 (using my advantage card points so lets be honest thats basically free) i wasnt too concerned.

Opening the pallette won me over (although everyone needs a little animal print in their life). A small selection of neutrals/ favourite! Theres also 2 lip glosses at the bottom which are pretty enough in shade but my pet hate is to put sticky glosses near powder products as it ends up in a sticky gloopy mess.

Closer view of the colours. Im thinking i might put this beauty in my handbag as its tiny enough and is versatile enough to transform that daytime look to night.

All the colours have a shimmer as you can see. Very pigmented and a huge reminder of an Urban Decay Palette without the hefty price tag. Ok so it! If you live near a Boots id get down there and get my hands on this for £4! Worth every penny and nothing in there thats impossible to use. Swatched.


  1. they look really pigmented! wow only for £4. I want

  2. i love your blog Izzy keep up the fab work. im following you now :)

  3. @sam i know such a bargain...try and find in a small boots. x

    @josie aww thanks you so much ill check out yours and follow you too x

    @elle ill head over to your blog x