Monday, 9 January 2012

Hair care routine!

I've mentioned a few shampoos along the way in my blog and moroccan oil but never really detailed my haircare know the bit...from dripping wet hair out the shower to the glossy mane you step out here secret weapons..

I towel dry my hair and brush through with the tangle teezer. Put some moroccan oil on the ends and a little through my hair. Spray through TRESemme straightening spray (promising me salon sleek hair)...boy this works! Its under £5 and lasts forever and smells gorgeous, one thing i must add is that this does not flatten hair! i hate the too poker straight flat look, im more about big straight hair so this works with that look.

Time to shine a la Jeniffer Aniston! Boy she must get through bottles of this stuff with her gorgeous swishy hair. (No people its not natural...i bet she has touch up sprays every 5 minutes on set). I give this a quick spritz in the air and walk through it, its a lovely smelling product and gives hair a lovely gloss without weighing it down.

Rightio thats me done.... If anyone else has any great haircare products then let me know please:) Im always looking at and buying make up so don't want my mane to suffer!x


  1. ohh the spray sounds very good! new follower, by the way :)
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  2. hi sayuri, thanks for the follow ill be sure to check out your site too and follow back:) xxx