Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Favourite!

Im a huge handbag lover and clutches arent too far behind. I spend a lot on my bags and love my mulberry collection however with clutches i can never seem to part with that sort of cash. I wouldnt use them often enough and knowing my luck someone would spill something on it! Anyway i saw this beautiful clutch on River Island online and its only £28, i think it looks way more expensive than that and also im loving the whole neutral colour thing as i think it can be used with pretty much any outfit. I do like things to match sometimes but i dont think the whole matchy matchy look is great. This is definitely a less is more chic piece that i will be adding to my wish list. Happy Friday!x


  1. OMG thats an gorgeous bag! for only 28 bucks! you made the perfect deal, it's so cute and classy!
    Sayuri :)