Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A good craftsman never blames his tools...

Ok Ok so maybe the title is going a little far but to all us beauty junkies applying make up is our craft and id say the right tools are key to helping us achieve that perfect look. I store my brushes in this vintage style cath kidston china mug. I keep it near my mirror so they are all there super handy in the morning when im always in a rush! These are all my favourite brushes and certainly most frequently used. I have many more stored away in a drawer.

I don't buy crazy expensive brushes like many people do, i think theres some great cheaper alternatives out there and the shape is the most important thing...not the brand thats plastered all over it. These two brushes :- big fat one i use as an all over face blusher/bronzer brush. The smaller brush i use for more precise blusher application.

My eye brushes, (top to bottom) brow brush for getting that foundation out my eyebrows!, big flat brush used for all over wash eyeshadow application, the 2 slanted brushes i use for lower lash line work and the bottom one as a more precise eyeshadow colour brush with either powder or cream shadows.

These two I've literally had for about 6 years both by Ruby and Millie, i got them in a gift set years ago. The top brush is my favourite eyeshadow brush for both lid application and blending. I use the smaller slanted one to line the inner corners of my eyes with a very light cream colour for that wide fresh eyed look.

Anybody else have any brushes they cant live without?x


  1. I'm already planning my birthday (may) because I absolutely want to invest in a proper proper set of makeup brushes :) these look lovely and how cute is that cup!


  2. I love bare minerals brushes, they are really good quality and can often come double ended to get more for your money! I couldn't live without my kabuki xx