Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Reverse Hair Washing?!

So ladies....word on the street is that there's a new hair washing technique going on and it's condition then shampoo.
What"?!? I hear you all cry and I felt exactly the same, this goes against everything I've ever learnt. However with the promise of bouncier, shinier and cleaner feeling hair I was willing to give this a go (on a weekend of course in case the whole thing just felt weird). Now for the verdict.....this works!!
Basically I condition my hair (leave it in for 5 mins starting from mid length to ends), then wash twice as I would normally. My hair feels fresher and cleaner. How?! I don't know other than maybe any excess conditioner that wasn't needed is washed away and my hair has absorbed all it needs. My final word on this "Try it"!

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