Monday, 21 April 2014

Cute Storage Idea.

Hi my lovelies! Bank Holidays are always a fun family filled time for me but I also like to have a tidy up session! Sort out my make up stash, clean bedding, dusting and all that fun stuff. I know lots of people do "sweet jars" in their houses and they look super cute but I have this fish bowl that used to have vintage looking white roses that have definitely seen better days so thought time to change things up! I have soooo much make up that's hidden away and unused because I just can't be bothered to get it out! So I've thrown a huge collection of products into a big jar mainly lip but a few blushers too and will be dipping into it every morning:)
This now sits on my bedside table and I just think it looks really fun too! Hope you have all had an amazing bank holiday weekend. x

1 comment:

  1. I like to do the exact same thing, tidying up and getting rid of things I haven't used in forever!
    The fish bowl look so cool, such a fun idea! It's like having a lucky dip every morning! :) xx