Sunday, 13 April 2014

Old school love - Bodyshop Body Butter

Hi my lovelies! An old love has resurfaced....Bodyshop Brazil Nut Body Butter. That's quite a mouthful! These have been around for an absolute age and when I was 15 I was absolutely obsessed with them, this particular smell has always been my favourite but was discontinued. I found this in the sale on their website a few weeks ago and absolutely snapped it up! I'm not sure if it's making a come back or was a one off but I'm loving this stuff. I use it every day after a bath and my skin just feels so soft, nourished and smells amazing. These bad boys also go a long way so I'd say a tub would last a month easily. Next time your wandering past Bodyshop be sure to go in and fall in love with their body butters all over again x

1 comment:

  1. I adore the Bodyshop Body Butters too!!! And all of their different nuts are my favourites :-)