Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sanctuary Brightening Facial In A Box.

I bought this brightening facial kit a few months ago using my Boots £5 skincare voucher. I whipped it out one Saturday afternoon and felt it was about time I gave it a go. I was not left disappointed!

As you can see there's 5 steps to be followed. The exfoliator felt grainy and really felt as though it was getting rid of dead skin. After I washed it off my skin felt much smoother and looked more even in tone. Now for the moisture boosting mask! This felt cold and tingly on my face as though it was definitely doing something:). Lastly the eye gel and illuminating moisture lotion were a great end to the facial. The lotion is very liquidy and has a greasy texture which was great for my dry skin type.

The verdict! An overall YES, lovely product, very easy to use and my skin felt very fresh, smooth and dare I say it radiant afterwards. The only downside was that the moisture boosting mask came in a sachet so could only be used once whereas i still have lots of product left in the mini bottles.

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